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Anti-Frack This @MarielHemingway

9fb201a33a2e68793c9cc444c94316f6Just a quick follow up on James O’Keefe’s anti-fracking film sting:

To let Mariel Hemingway tell it, she was barely a fly on the wall during James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas anti-fracking film sting at the Polo Lounge last week.

If you’ve kept up, you know the producers of the film, Hemingway and Ed Begley Jr. colluded to secretly solicit Arab oil money to underwrite their green energy film project.

Some Hemingway quotes from her Howard Kurtz interview on Fox News yesterday:

“First of all, I didn’t even know he was a rich oil person…” “I was just helping a friend to finance a film on anti fracking…” “I’m that person; I help people…” “I just sat back being polite…” “It wasn’t my meeting…” “It really had nothing to do with me…” “I’m nothing!”

Did Hemingway not see the video the rest of us saw? Where she all but flung herself across the table at the “Sheik of Araby” to offer her @$$ for the cause. She couldn’t have been more obvious if she’d been walking the stroll on Santa Monica Blvd.

But it seems Mariel Hemingway’s biggest beef was that O’Keefe just wasn’t honest. After she and Ed Begley Jr promised not to tell fellow actors Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson the film was to be financed with Saudi oil money.

“It’s so dishonest… [Project Veritas]… set themselves up as… an entity that finds out dishonesty… There was nothing dishonest about what we were doing, or hypocritical… It’s a waste of everybody’s time… If he didn’t have the courage to come out and have a meeting and, you know, say I’m against you… Just say it—be up front …”

Well, I don’t know, Mariel. Could it be that if O’Keefe had walked up and stuck a microphone in your face—and since you already agreed to keep your mouth shut about the film’s financing—you would have lied about being willing to use Saudi oil money or any other means necessary to finance your anti-American green agenda film?

Ya think maybe?

[Full Unedited Video]

Hemingway went on to say that her message there was clear; the real reason she attended the meeting to promote… Wait. Eating salads?

But James O’Keefe is dishonest?

Oh, and Howie Kurtz? You are such a disingenuous liberal shill.

Big thanks to Blackie @ChandlersGhost and @Mr.GGuy for the retweets!

And to Dead Nixon and Mike at Mr. G Guy for the reblogs!

HT/Jim Treacher


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  1. Paul Lemmen
    May 26, 2014
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