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Hillary: Taliban Not a Threat to US

Hillary+Clinton_thmbListen up, nimrods.

When the most qualified Secretary of State since Thomas Jefferson says the Gitmo 5 are no big deal, they’re no big deal.

Chuck Hagel may spend more time in the morning getting his combdown right than he does thinking about our national security, but Hillary Clinton knows her international terrorists.

There. The hand gesticulations alone should put this whole stupid issue to rest. Shoo, shoo… go away now!

Let’s recap the outstanding background that qualifies former Secretary Clinton to make this judgment in a matter so vital to national and international security…

Hillary Clinton Curriculum Vitae:

Private Life 2013-present

. May or may not be running for President of the United States;

. Book Tour: covering her extensive political and diplomatic experience; played vital role in furthering US interests in: Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Canada, Tobago…

. Interviews: citing qualifications and experience:

. Diplomacy

. Senate


Secretary of State 2008-2013

. Oh, you know, diplomatic stuff

. Figured out things

. In charge of Reset button

. Responsible for foreign embassies, consulates and outposts (except for security and complicated things women don’t know about. The suggestion that the secretary could have done anything in Benghazi is laughable really). When you think about it.

. Travel

. Photo ops

. Travel

. Met people

. Travel

Presidential Candidate 2008

. Travel

. Public speaking

. There was this charwoman thing…

. Lost nomination

. Blackmailed Lobbied new administration for secretary of state position, citing extensive expertise in geopolitics and diplomacy as former FLOTUS, country lawyer, mother and homemaker;

U.S. Senator NY (Well, really Manhattan-Hamptons) 2001-2009

. Senator… functions

. In NBC background video whenever Brian Williams talked about Capitol Hill

. Met people

. Reached across aisle (dinner with John McCain etc)

First Lady of The United States 1994-2001

. First Not Stand By Your Man FLOTUS

. Organized White House Staff:

. Paid particular attention to state dinner and official functions;

. Guest invitations;

. Planned menus, floral arrangements and seating;

. First Family residence (Oversight):

. Directed housekeeping staff supervisors in daily duties;

. POTUS’ “special” needs (fouled underwear between mattresses etc.)

. HillaryCare

. Oh, that old thing

. It was nothing really

. First one to say ObamaCare wouldn’t work

. Investor

. Dabbled in comodities


. Played key role in responding to and deflecting Vast Right Wing Conspiracy;

. White Water

. Directed attack on response to asswipe  special prosecutor Kenneth Starr;

. Travel

. With and without POTUS on trips in-country and abroad, mostly shopping;

. Knew Carla Bruni when she was nobody

. Bosnia: oh nothing.

So see?


Those Gitmo 5 guys?


Turn the page dummies.



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    June 12, 2014
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    June 12, 2014

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