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ISIS Terrorists Play with Decapitated Head

SABA-AHMEDJim Hoft posted this story at Gateway Pundit three days ago but I somehow missed it. He warns that it is graphic and I took his word for it. I did not watch the video because, frankly, the description was chilling enough.

So view at your own risk.

Gateway Pundit:

Barbarians… ISIS Terrorists Play With Decapitated Head (Graphic Video)

ISIS terrorists are taking video of video of their victim’s heads. Two ISIS terrorists share a laugh while playing with a decapitated head.
(Warning: Graphic Video)

MEMRI posted the transcript:

Man filming the video: The video has already started.

Another ISIS member: Okay? Can we start?

ISIS member (picks up decapitated head): Yeah.

Hello, my name is John.


ISIS member: See, he doesn’t smile today. Look at him.

Man filming the video: Why doesn’t John look like he died of natural causes?

Another ISIS member: Oh no… Oh, disgusting… Ewwww…

ISIS member throws down the head

Second ISIS member: Oh brother, man…

Man filming the video: He died of natural causes.

Another ISIS member: This guy died of natural causes by a knife… It cut his throat.

Man filming the video: Natural causes – the mujahideen… Natural cause for an apostate. Allah Akbar.

Is it any wonder that terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel is being aggressive with this so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim?

Don’t you feel the moderate ooooozing out of every pore in Saba Ahmed‘s body? Take it away, Lefties: Tell us what an ‘Arab Uncle Tom‘ and vicious’ and ‘deranged Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel is for being outraged that Saba Ahmed complained about the mistreatment of Muslims in America at a Benghazi symposium.

Then explain to us why ‘moderate’ Muslim Saba Ahmed cannot bring herself to clearly, succinctly and loudly say that she condemns anti-woman Sharia and the despicable animals who perpetrate monstrous acts like the ones seen in the video.

Sure, #NotAllMuslims practice or even support this barbarism.

Only 325 million, give or take…

File Under: Islam-A-Bad, Abbottabad Abbottabing

HT/Jim Hoft, Jim Treacher



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    June 21, 2014

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