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Marie Harf: Obama’s Latest Van Lackey Speaks Out

404771-365Funny how great minds think alike… For instance … well, other people.

Anyway, I was just thinking about State Dept. spokesperson Marie Harf last night (along with five or six million other Americans), when Prof Donald Douglas at AmericanPower posted this on my Twitter feed.

Should you elect to spend 12 minutes of your valuable time watching and listening to Marie Harf’s obnoxious nasally hybrid Valley Girl voice while she makes a fool of herself, you may do so here:

Didn’t think so.

Okay, let’s just take one excerpt—an aside to Harf’s overall inanity, really—where she defends her outrageous attack on the character of Beau Bergdahl‘s platoon members, who were there when the little traitor deserted his mission, country, and comrades in arms.

‘…Having been in the business, in national security for a long time now including the intelligence community… I know, I’ve seen what these guys go through out there…’

Had the Rambo face-paint kit and everything.

Harf has never spent a day in uniform, much less combat, but if you’re using the Hillary Clinton lexicon of dangerous boots-on-the-ground experience she has probably been in a reception line under enemy fire, at some point or other during her young life.

And by ‘including the intelligence community,’ Harf means the CIA where she served in the clandestine trenches as a spokesperson for about 18 months. Which gave her crypto access to everything except the secret decoder rings.

You are probably wondering where the administration finds these snot-nosed flacks who so arrogantly look down their noses at the valiant warriors who risk their lives daily for Marie Harf’s silly lefty @$$, right?

Why, in the same place Barack Obama has found most of his administration’s young talent.

In a campaign van somewhere in the wiles of Iowa.

Marie Harf has, in total, spent about 8 years in government service, if you include the 15 months or so she worked on an Obama reelection campaign bus; convincing the ever-reluctant MSM that, despite some pretty solid evidence to the contrary, Barack Obama has a good grip on foreign policy.

Just two-and-a-half more years, friends, and maybe the adults can be in charge again.

No guarantees.

It could happen.

If the GOP establishment stops taking stupid-pills and lets its base nominate a conservative.

File under: Barry’s Kids



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