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Hillary Re: Obama: ‘Can’t Trust the Mother****er’

d1ee918b38b1a918570f6a706700c209_s160x219In front of a microphone Hillary Clinton can make static sound pleasant. Couple that with her pathological propensity to tell the most blatantly obvious lies, and you have the potential for wrist slitting incidents at Simon & Schuster.

But put the former first lady-cum senator-cum secretary in a room with a bottle of pino and a few friends, and apparently the old adage In vino veritas holds.

Clash Daily:

The latest book to hit the shelves about the “Blood Feud” between the Clintons and the Obamas is full of juicy details about the relationship that seems peachy on the outside but is truly nothing more than a political stunt to look good for the public. The best-selling author Ed Klein’s new book is sure to make liberals heads explode as the dysfunctional relationship between the Democrat Party’s most powerful players is exposed for what it is.

According to TPNN, Klein’s book details a time roughly two months after Hillary stepped down from her position as Secretary of State under Obama and was discussing him with a group of friends over quite a few glasses of wine. “You can’t trust the mother***er,” while at the same time saying that “Obama has turned into a joke.”

Of course, Hillary wouldn’t know anything about national jokes in the White House, but another subject for another drunk day.

The problem with Hillary just being Hillary in a room with people and a bottle of wine, is you never know what’s going to come out…

Or Hillary just being Hillary in a room with people without a bottle of wine….


HT/Bad Blue News



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    June 29, 2014

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  2. Regular Right Guy
    June 29, 2014

    Thanks Mike!

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