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Fox News’ Julie Banderas: I Report… I Decide?

julie_banderasFox anchor Julie Banderas (Birth name Julie Bidwell, but there are no r’s to roll in Bidwell), recently returned from exile in Fox News Siberia, seems to still sorting out the first-year journalism concept of objectivity.

Today, Fox reporter Dominic Di-Natale aired phone-camera footage in a segment about a California CHP apparently beating a suspect with his fist while making an arrest.


Here is the video:


Okay, admittedly the phone-camera footage looks bad, but Banderas, back from the boondocks  in traditional liberal form NBC would be proud of, decided the facts for us without actually having any facts, and asked Di-Natale if the cop still had his job.

Note: The incident occurred on July 1, 2014. Today is July 5, 2014. What’s the FREAKING hold up?

When Di-Natale pointed out that we had not witnessed what happened before, or heard the officer’s explanation as to what may have precipitated the event, Banderas snapped, “It doesn’t matter what happened before!”

Yes, it does actually. That is, if you live in the United States of America. Drat!

And as mentioned above, we know virtually nothing about the suspect’s conduct before, or even during the event (before the really  eager do-gooder began rolling), or anything that may have mitigated the officer’s actions.  All we see are his fists flying.

What if, for instance:

a) The woman had a gun or a knife and was trying to reach it?

b) The suspect was attempting to bite, scratch or spit on the officer while resisting arrest, thus exposing him to a dreaded 1980’s liberal-propagated disease like AIDS?

c) The CHP patrolman was a gay rights activist and was beating the $#!+ out of an anti-gay marriage tea party activist?

At least one of the three above possibilities would probably change Banderas’ opinion in a heartbeat.

But we don’t know any of those things, do we?

Possible solutions:

1. Have people vote in a Fox News survey.

2. Beer Summit II.

3. Conduct an investigation and wait for the facts to come out, before deciding the outcome of a public servant’s life, who has to make life and death decisions for us everyday.

The cop looks guilty; he probably is guilty. But indulge us Julie Banderas (with an r). You report, we’ll decide…

When the facts are in.



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7 comments on “Fox News’ Julie Banderas: I Report… I Decide?

  1. Paul Lemmen
    July 5, 2014
  2. thatmrgguy
    July 5, 2014

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  3. genomega1
    July 5, 2014

    The cop is out of control.

    • Regular Right Guy
      July 6, 2014

      Now see, you really don’t know that. Guilty or innocent the man looked like he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

  4. dorkrider
    July 6, 2014

    While I get your point, and that she was a bit quick to judge, you’ve got to look objectively at recent police misconduct cases from around the country and if you can’t start to question the police use of force and their seeming inability to deescalate situations, then you’ve not been paying attention.

    Take for example, Albuquerque, NM. In every use of force incident in Albuquerque, the police has cleared itself of any wrongdoing. Now the Justice Department is stepping in, because of the misconduct. Or Chicago, who spent over $100million settling police misconduct cases last year. Or Baltimore, that still arrests citizens for videotaping police after losing Glick in 2010. And let’s don’t bring up the number of times police have shot pets for no good reason. (At least the Baltimore cop that slit the throat of a restrained dog has been charged, and that makes news because it is so rare.)

    And let’s completely ignore the hundreds of small towns across America that have Armored Personnel Carriers to combat the practical absence of violent crime.

    No, there isn’t any reason at all to mistrust the police or any reason to jump to a conclusion about a video such as this one being excessive. And even less of a reason to assume any investigation will be fair to the person receiving the beating.

    • Regular Right Guy
      July 7, 2014

      My comments weren’t intended to exonerate the man or even to address the issue of use of force. And I am far more concerned with fascism within of the Fourth Estate than a few out of control cops. We have a system of government, and when our authorities get out of hand it is our responsibility to change the system within the system, or, in the most extreme scenario, shake off the system. It takes effort on the part of the citizenry but republican democracy does work. Media-fueled public lynching is how we get George Zimmermans and Rodney King riots, and that to me is far more dangerous than incidents of wrongdoing by rogue cops. Thank you for your well reasoned comments.

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