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‘The Duke’ Sues Duke University

thThe John Wayne family is suing Duke University for attempting to block them from marketing a new bourbon under the American icon’s sobriquet, “Duke.”

As well the Duke’s estate should.

This is a couple days old but I just got to it.

Fox News:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, John Wayne Enterprises is suing the school, claiming the university is impeding the company’s efforts to produce bourbon using the “Duke” name. (Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne, is the company’s president, Yahoo! News notes.)

THR reports that Duke University and the Wayne family have been at odds over multiple Duke-related trademarks for almost 10 years, but that the issue came to a head last year, when the family tried to register Wayne’s nickname for alcoholic beverages.

Duke University appealed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, saying such a move would confuse the public:

“Consistent with its policies and in order to prevent tarnishment of its brand, (Duke University) does not permit use of confusingly similar marks associated with unapproved goods or services, of uncertain quality and/or unregulated by (Duke University).”

That didn’t sit well with John Wayne Enterprises, which called the school’s argument “ludicrous” and filed a complaint in federal court. [Fox]

Now this is the proverbial no brainer. What has Duke University given us? A bunch of frat-boy lacrosse players with JFK helmet cuts who flunked Party 101.

On a personal note, I have always believed lacrosse is a great game that should be played exclusively outside the contiguous United States and Alaska. Hawaii can keep lacrosse; they were a mistake in the first place.

But I digress.

They cannot be serious! Who is going to think of Duke University when they see a bottle of bourbon with John Wayne on the label? Okay, a few guys with wide-screen TVs who eat beer nuts, fart a lot and make beer runs at halftime. Otherwise, if you are an American whose drink doesn’t involve an umbrella or something blue, you probably don’t think about wannabe Ivy League universities at all. Right?

If Duke University wants some cheap publicity all it need do is prevail upon the city of Durham to hire another crooked Democrat prosecutor. Then turn loose the frat boys and yell, LIVE STRIPPER! That should do it.

Duke University should feel lucky that it has a basketball team that any American besides Barack Obama notices… and he may have been born in Nairobi. If Keith Olbermann were one point lower on the dork meter he might have slipped into Duke unnoticed.

The “Duke” is Rooster Cogburn and John Bernard Books. He is Red River and Wake of the Red Witch. Duke is The Quiet Man to Maureen O’Hara’s buxom redheaded Irish ire and “John T” to Angie Dickenson’s sultry-beyond-words “Feathers” in Rio Bravo.

You do not mess with the Duke.

Case closed.



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