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Obama’s Mara Salvatrucha Boatlift Stalled?

ms-youth-graffiti-450x2911Well, not exactly. There will probably still be enough newly arrived gangbangers innocent children to carve out new territories a new life, for their ongoing criminal enterprises struggle for freedom from oppression.

  1. Prof. Donald Douglas:

Illegal Alien ‘Emergency Funding’ Stalls as Dems Refuse Changes to ‘Inapplicable’ ’08 Human Trafficking Law

The majority of the illegal aliens streaming over our borders are grown adults, and thus the 2008 William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act is “inapplicable” to the current alien invasion.

No matter. The depraved open-borders Democrats won’t approve changes to the law and thus have abandoned any chance of congressional approval of the administration’s emergency funding request.

See the Washington Post, “Little hope in White House for emergency funds to stem influx of migrants at border,” and the New York Times, “Obama Presses Central American Leaders to Slow a Wave of Child Migrants“:

The debate over how to handle the migrant children has all but stalled on Capitol Hill, where Senate Democrats and House Republicans this week unveiled competing proposals for Mr. Obama’s request for emergency funds — each far less than the $3.7 billion the president initially requested.

A major issue dividing lawmakers is a 2008 law intended to combat human trafficking, but which has made it more difficult to quickly return Central American children to their home countries. Republicans refuse to support any legislation that does not change the law in order to expedite the deportation of the young migrants, and Democrats are reluctant to vote for any legislation that changes the law. Democrats say they fear it could hurt children who are fleeing dangerous situations in their home countries.

Democrats don’t care about “children who are fleeing” their homelands. They just want amnesty or else. See National Review, “Gutiérrez: ‘I Think We Can Get 3 or 4, Maybe Even 5 Million People’ Amnesty via Executive Action.”

Yeah, “executive action.” I blogged about that yesterday, “Obama to Ram Through ‘Large Scale Expansion’ of Rights to ‘Shield’ Illegal Aliens from Deportation — Tryanny!

How cynical, Professor. Look at it this way: Eric Holder doesn’t have to smuggle guns anymore!

And let’s not forget the extremist, er, overwhelmingly good and decent Muslims who are sneaking over the border… may Allah be praised.

They are citizens of the world too!

You guys in Congress get busy; Barry doesn’t have enough Zodiacs to meet the demand.

HT/American Power Blog



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