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Ebola on the Southern Border?

2-HAZMATI’ll admit this story sounds far fetched and, frankly, I have my doubts. But the very fact that it could be true should be grounds enough to impeach a deadbeat president with an insane agenda.


Before It’s News:

One of the most often asked questions that I am receiving today centers on how I know that West Africans are coming into the United States in significant numbers.  Although some people will not believe something is so unless they see it on CNN, I am unequivocally stating that the arrival of Ebola through our southern border has already happened or is imminent.

What I have learned over the past three weeks about the path of Ebola into the United States is frightening and is not being discussed anywhere in the main stream media.

To those who have asked me about how we know that Ebola-exposed West Africans are coming into the country, this article will answer this question. [BIN]

The writer, a fellow who goes by the nom de plume ‘common sense’ then links to an article by Dr. Jane Orient, who doesn’t specifically cite any known cases.

However, she does make a solid case for the Obama administration’s stupidity in not immediately staunching and turning the flood of illegals streaming across the Southern border. Chicken pox, leprosy, hepatitis and several other serious communicable diseases have already been identified.

But the 51 percent of you who voted for Barack in 2012, already knew the kid was slow when you gave him the keys to the car. Right?


Here’s why it probably is not true: Ebola moves rather quickly; its victims usually are either dead or near death within one month of contracting the disease. So the incubation period is almost too fast to allow for travel time from, say, Liberia to Guatemala and eventually to the U.S., by way of the kiddie rape express. It stands to reason that cases would already be turning up in Central America.

So, as I say, the story is a stretch.

Of course, this is no reason to not impeach Barry, anyway, and stay home on Election Day 2014, so people like John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the RINOS in the House and Senate are forced into early retirement.

Just kidding.

Kind of.



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13 comments on “Ebola on the Southern Border?

  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    August 3, 2014
  2. thatmrgguy
    August 3, 2014

    We do have one case of Ebola in the US. the patient is in Atlanta at Emory University.

    A writer at the DC Clothes Line, Dean Garrison, makes the case that this patient arriving in Atlanta coupled with the appearance of Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed at the Bilderberg Conference raises some questions.

    Like you, I’m skeptical, but what better place to start an engineered pandemic than in the city with the world’s busiest airport.

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 4, 2014

      I think the big danger here is AIDS-like political correctness, which is certainly in play with Obama’s ICE. There is and always has been legitimate cause for concern of U.S. introduction via air travel which takes almost no time at all. Coming through Central America probably not so much.

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  4. thatmrgguy
    August 3, 2014

    As far as the spreading of Hepatitis, two versions of that disease can only be caught by “blood to blood” contact, and the other is by eating contaminated food or drinking water.

  5. thatmrgguy
    August 4, 2014

    But the 51 percent of you who voted for Barack in 2012, already knew the boy was slow when you gave him the keys to the car. Right?

    RRG, one of my regular readers commented on the use of “boy” to describe the President and how the use of that word to describe Obama might turn off potential recruits to our side because…raaaaacist.

    I know and he knows you didn’t mean it in a racist way, but as a term that says the President is an immature male who would be described as a boy by mature adults.

    I appreciate the links, by the way. 😉

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 4, 2014

      Thought about that when I wrote it and decided to go with it. Anyone who believes this is about race at this point is either dumber than a pine knot or intellectually dishonest. I do, however, know a few racists; they’re all Democrats, and most of them black.

    • Regular Right Guy
      August 4, 2014

      BTW Mike, thx for the heads up. I changed it, but frankly I’m a little tired of that limpass argument for this man’s despicable behavior.

      • Tallgrass Palms
        August 4, 2014

        You had it right the first time. Anyone who is offended by that is never going to be recruited to “our” side, besides, most of us read you to be entertained and informed, not recruited. At times it is your job to “offend” otherwise it’s just another PC blog. Frankly, many of us read you because you’re not afraid to “offend” blacks, as well as whites, when the situation calls for it.

      • Regular Right Guy
        August 4, 2014

        Thank you. When Democrats resort to calling conservative racists, it’s a little like the pot calling the kettle black. Oops!

      • thatmrgguy
        August 4, 2014

        I doubt many racist Democrats read our blogs unless to troll, so It probably didn’t matter anyway. My apologies for “pissing in your Wheaties” this morning. 😉

      • Regular Right Guy
        August 4, 2014

        Lol. No problem.

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