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Egyptian Feminist Poops on ISIS Flag

thI’m not sure this is information we need, or even help we want in the war on Islamofascism, but the contrast between Mid-Eastern and American feminists is interesting.

It’s hard to see where Egyptian feminist Aliaa Elmahdy is hoping to go with this (OMG, I cannot believe I said that!), but it does smack of old-fashioned 1960’s American lefty protester, and contemporary Occupy Wall Street, for that matter.

Okay, a woman pooping on a flag isn’t a Buddhist monk lighting himself up for a Pulitzer, but neither is it going completely unnoticed in the international media.


Egyptian feminist Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, 23, challenges the strict nature of Islam on her blog and Facebook pages. She went a step further in her protest against the Islamic State (IS) with a photo of Elmahdy and a veiled woman pooping and menstruating on the black IS flag.

Arab nations did not print the photo because the flag states “there is no God but Allah.” Elmahdy did not explain why she took the photo, but she protests Islamic laws, and IS implements strict Sharia Law. Women must wear full veils and not leave the house without a male relative. The jihadists have even forced shopkeepers to fully veil all mannequins. In Raqqa, Syria, an Islamic State stronghold, a crowd stoned two women to death for allegedly committing adultery.

Note: You can see the image, if you must, at Breitbart. The RG took a pass and went with something we hope won’t offend most people.

Although I can’t imagine this exhibition being a lot of help in eradicating Sharia, Ms. Elmahdy does have a point.

It amazes me that the Left cannot see the brutal inhumanity of fundamentalist Islam, if not toward innocent journalists like James Foley, then toward women.

If American liberals could recognize Muslim extremism’s threat to their own cause, possibly it would wake up a few man-hating feminists and their metrosexual male enablers. (I figure Alan Colmes would join the NRA in a heartbeat, if anyone tried to come between him and his Ms. Magazine subscription.)

But apparently the feminist movement has a hierarchy of hate and Muslim extremists are obviously down-list from men, Christians, Jews and conservatives.

Still, it seems like Ms. Elmahdy could have just done naughty things wrapped in the ISIS flag or something, without doing things that no one but Seth Rogan wants to see.

Anyway, you can clean up the mess, ISIS.

Barack Obama will help, I’m sure.

Right after he gets off the links.




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3 comments on “Egyptian Feminist Poops on ISIS Flag

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  2. thatmrgguy
    August 26, 2014

    Thank you for not posting the pic…I’m eating dinner.

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