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#AlFranken Could Lose in MN…

Al_Franken-2Maybe not as many Democrats are anxious to stuff ballot boxes in Minnesota, after six years of being screwed out of house and home by Barack Obama and his enablers on the Left.

Anyway, Al Franken is running a very low profile campaign for reelection up there.

The Atlantic:

PAUL, Minn.—I flew to Minnesota with high hopes of talking with Senator Al Franken, and his staff said I’d get my chance during a “media availability” following a speech on the 50th anniversary of the Job Corps. But when I arrived at the Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps Center, I discovered I was the only reporter there, and Franken’s deputy communications director—one of three of his staffers working the event—said that the senator was in a rush. Could I walk and talk on the way out?

So as we walked through the gymnasium outside toward the campus’s small parking lot, I asked Franken a perfunctory question about his work with job-training programs, and a minute later, as we approached his car, how he rated President Obama’s handling of the economy. “I can’t do that briefly, we have to run,” Franken said.

Then he got in his car and left. [More Al Franken hijinks here]

Well, if you can’t run from Barack Obama’s abysmal record, which you supported 100 percent of the time, maybe you can dodge the national media long enough to make them lose interest.

The article goes on to say how the reporter had to track down Franken at the county fair, and how even then he didn’t have much to say that anyone would want to hear. Sort of a reprise of his SNL days.

A lot of people don’t realize that Al was a member of the first Saturday Night Live crew. Well, not exactly a member; he was one of the early writers. But when the ratings were so far down in the tank that it didn’t matter anymore, they let him perform on air. And when that didn’t work out, he had to seek honest employment.

Failing that, Franken decided to run for office.

It worked!

Well, Minnesotans do have a history of electing flakes, fruits and nuts to high office, like Jessie “The Flabby Body” Ventura, Hubert Humphrey and Walter “Fritz” Mondale.

So I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. If you’ve seen Fargo, you know they do things … um, differently up there.

But really, when you think about it, Al is only doing what he’s done for most of his career. Staying out of sight and hoping no one notices he’s been screwing the pooch all these years.

It worked for about 10 years on SNL.

Maybe it’ll work in Minnesota.

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5 comments on “#AlFranken Could Lose in MN…

  1. Evan
    August 28, 2014

    He won through fraud, like Reid. Pieces of sh*t like they are, can’t name one positive thing that they have accomplished.

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  4. Doramin
    September 7, 2014

    Fascinating. Considering the baggage ol’ Al carries the ONLY way he’s viable is the fact that he’s kept his head down and his mouth (mostly) shut, and his hands at his sides these past few years. What with his well-established reputation for violent episodes.

    And I actually liked the Stuart Smalley movie.

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