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Fredrick Wilson II Didn’t Participate in Festivities at #Ferguson


I’ve tried to stay away from the Ferguson circus because, frankly, I’m tired of watching stupid reporters ask stupid questions of stupid “experts,” most of whom have never even seen a gun up close.

These people are as plentiful in our society as gays who lie about being born that way. Oh, the guy who molested me between the ages of 12 and fifteen? We got that ironed out.

Anyway, a blogger friend, Gunny G, came across this video by a young man named Fredrick Wilson II, who takes exception to burning down his town whenever things don’t go his way, and I thought I would pass it along for those of you who haven’t already seen it.

It’s only 3:35 in length so watch if you have time.



So from this I take it Fredrick Wilson II thinks it’s a bad idea to commit strong-arm robbery on the only minorities who don’t have their own personal national representatives to incite a riot for them every time they think they’re getting a bad deal.

Fredrick Wilson II also, no doubt, thinks standing outside a 7-Eleven after midnight passing around something in a brown paper bag and using the N-word excessively is self-degrading and unproductive.

And he probably also thinks not cooperating with the police when they stop you is a bad idea, especially when a police officer has a gun and you don’t—that it’s a no-win scenario regardless of the circumstances.

Fredrick Wilson II probably also wonders why Spike Lee and other celebrities are saying irresponsible things, when they should be calming racial tensions.

Fredrick Wilson II seems to be as well versed in Ebonics as most other young black men his age, and appears to be a normal young black man in every other respect. Yet he draws the line at “acting black” in ways that are demeaning to his race and himself.

Spike Lee? You could learn a thing or two from this kid.

HT/Gunny G



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