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Joan Rivers: Exit a Brilliant Diva

joan-riversWow, Joan Rivers is gone!

First Robin Williams and now Joan. That is a lot of laughter to lose in less than a month.

I always thought that God should have fixed it so at least some of the genes that make talented people funny are passed down to their kids. Instead, we get Chaz Bono and Gerry Lewis and the Playboys. Thanks God.

Joan went out big, though. She had just been in the news defending Israel.

I loved the way she fielded the stupid questions reporters asked, as though there must be some justification for Hamas hiding their rocket launchers behind school kids:

“Selena Gomez just posted on Instagram…” one reporter said, explaining that Gomez supported the Palestinians. “Well if Selena said that…” Joan countered. “Let’s see if she can spell Palestinian.”

“Selena Gomez, who just came out of rehab, who I believe is not a college girl, Rihanna, who is beautiful and not the smartest bulb in the lamp — they see pictures of [dead] children and they go crazy,” exclaimed Rivers.

Rivers went on concerning the shallowness of these showbiz upstarts. “I think Israel should show pictures of dead puppies and these girls will turn right around.”

Which pretty much summed it up.

Rivers was a Republican, albeit socially liberal. That certainly didn’t get her any points with the mainstream media. She had most of her facts straight about politics and the media, though.

And political correctness. She walked out on a CNN interview just a month ago, when the ditzy millennial anchor called her jokes mean.

It really went south when the anchor baited Rivers for wearing fur on the cover of her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

Joan pointed out the difference between being politically correct and actually thinking for one’s self.

E! Online

As Whitfield continued to interview Rivers, she mentioned that the funny gal was wearing fur on the cover of her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, and suggested Rivers knew it would cause a stir with PETA protestors.

“This whole interview is becoming a defense interview,” Rivers shot back. “Are you wearing leather shoes? Shut up. You’re eating meat, you’re eating chicken. Come to me when you’re wearing a paper belt.”

Someone actually said Joan was the female Don Rickles. Joan Rivers was Joan Rivers. There was and never will be anyone else like her.

“Ignore your competition,” Joan said in an essay a while back. “A Mafia guy in Vegas gave me this advice: ‘Run your own race, put on your blinders.'”

Damn if she didn’t do just that.

Cal Thomas wrote a warm tribute to Joan today.

Read it here.




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