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Jerry Brown Hammered in Debate

kashkaribrown-640x423Of course only six Californians were watching and only 20 percent of California residents can comprehend simple English, so the state’s only gubernatorial debate probably won’t have a big effect on the outcome.

Anyway, major topic of last night’s debate: Electric automaker Tesla passing on California for greener pastures in Nevada.

What, not enough wall outlets?

Governor Jerry Brown explains why he passed on thousands of Golden State manufacturing jobs.

Washington Times:

Tesla Motors‘ decision Thursday to build its giant electric-car battery plant in Nevada instead of California came at an awkward moment for Gov. Jerry Brown.

“I don’t think Gov. Brown did nearly enough on Tesla and any number of businesses,” Mr. Kashkari said. “Gov. Brown frequently says, ‘Well, businesses come and go.’ It’s not businesses coming and going. It’s Tesla. It’s Toyota. It’s Schwab. It’s Nestle, on and on, and they’re all going. There’s a real problem.” …

The announcement was made hours before this year’s first and only California gubernatorial debate. Sure enough, the Democrat received an earful during the televised forum from Republican candidate Neel Kashkari about the exodus of companies from the Golden State. …

“We fought hard for Tesla, but Tesla wanted a massive cash upfront payment [$1.25 billion] that I don’t think would be fair to the taxpayers of California,” Mr. Brown said.

Unlike the $25 billion a year it costs for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens that pour over California’s borders each year and are welcomed with open arms by Governor Sundown, née Moonbeam.

Not to worry, Jer. Millions of California voters of dubious national origin and citizenship will no doubt remember you on Election Day 2014.

Se habla español!!!




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2 comments on “Jerry Brown Hammered in Debate

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  2. Doramin
    September 7, 2014

    No fair throwing ABBA into this mess. However, I always DID wonder if “Fernando” was linked to any particular historical incident. The verses and visuals give nothing away. Simon Bolivar? Mexican Revolucion? Cuba?

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