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Obama Flunks ‘Meet the Press’

UnknownWhat better way to kick off your gig as the new So Not Tim Russert on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” than to have the President as your first guest.

Chuck Todd decided to go Kramer-orange for his first MTP White House interview. Ooo, not a good look.

Anyway, predictably, Barack Obama could have phoned it in and caught an earlier tee time. He was full of encouraging news, though, i.e. meaningless platitudes and empty rhetoric.

Here are some highlights.

Free Beacon:

“I want everybody to understand that we have not seen any immediate intelligence about threats to the homeland from ISIL.”

Check the Walmart in Dearborn, Mr. President. Todd didn’t bother to ask how US intelligence would know whether or not U.S.- and Brit-bred ISIS terrorists are in America, since we don’t know who they are. So far I think we’ve identified six of them, if you count the “Beatles.” I mean, do we even know the whereabouts of Kobe Bryant?

“I’m confident that I’ve got the authorization I need to protect the American people,” he explained…”

Well, Mr. President, you’ll pardon James Foley and Steven Sotloff for not getting that message.

“The next phase is now to start going on some offense. We have to get an Iraqi government in place. I’m optimistic that next week we should be able to get that done, and I will then meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday. On Wednesday I’ll make a speech and describe what our game plans are going to be going forward.”

Oh good. We have phases. Now alls we have to do is what we already done before I already undone it and…

Finally, from the Daily Caller:

“I gotta ask, during that vacation,” Todd said. “You made the statement on Foley, you went and golfed. Do you want that back?”

The president claimed it’s “always a challenge when you’re supposed to be on vacation, because you’re followed everywhere. And part of what I’d love is a vacation from the press –.”

“I promise you, in two and a half years I think that happens,” Todd joked.

“But there’s no doubt that, after having talked to the families — where it was hard for me to hold back tears listening to the pain that they were going through, after the statement that I made — that I should’ve anticipated the optics,” Obama admitted. “That’s part of the job.”

Yeah, Mr. President, it was a dirty job and Mike Rowe wasn’t available.

Are you serious? Barack Obama has had two weeks to come up with some freaking empathy, and he still can’t say, I was thoughtless and I owe Mr. Foley’s family and the American people an apology?

David Cameron, not an American president last time anyone checked, cut short his vacation when Foley was murdered, and all Barack can manage is “I should’ve anticipated the optics”?

I’m sorry, but I have to say this.

What a three-alarm $#!+head!




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