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Who Says Congress Can’t Work Together?

jeff-flake-martin-heinrich-rival-survival-discovery-channelIf you’re one of those malcontents who’s always complaining that RINOs and liberals in Congress can’t work together and spend most of their time trying to get reelected, well, see how wrong you can be, dummy.


Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has made another visit to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. But this time, he brought along a Democrat.

Flake and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) visited the tiny island of Eru, part of the Marshall Islands. This is Flake’s third visit to a small remote Pacific Ocean island.

But in a twist, Flake and Heinrich were accompanied by a crew from the Discovery Channel. Flake says the network, known for its adventure and outdoor programming, is preparing to air a television special that will air Oct. 29.

“Our first thought was just to go and take a few Go-Pro cameras and film it and document it or hand it over to someone,” Flake said in an interview Thursday morning with The Washington Post. “We wanted to show that Republicans and Democrats can get along and survive together. Then we approached Discovery because they have a number of survivor shows and they said, well, we like the idea but how about you let us come film it?

“Whoever is going to lead the Senate going forward is going to do so with a very slim margin,” Flake added. “The parties are going to need to work together, so we wanted to get this out before the election, now’s a good time to show it.”

See how misinformed you can be, teabaggers?

While you deadbeats were back here sitting on your thumbs and trying figure out how to make ends meet, these two elected officials were slaving away for their Camping badges on the Discovery Channel.

In fact, this is one darned good argument for shipping the whole U.S. Congress to some waterless breadcrumb island off the coast of Tonga, to see if they can get off their dead butts and do something constructive.

Like figuring out where their next meal is coming from, staying warm, and trying to survive without some stupid and wasteful government handout designed to keep them dependant.

Wondering how their families would make it without them.

Stuff everyday Americans do all the time.



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2 comments on “Who Says Congress Can’t Work Together?

  1. theebl
    September 13, 2014

    I am all for fishing trips occasionally, but I like your idea of shipping all of congress off to some remote island.

    Maybe even a floating ice berg (like they did in Rapa Nui).

    • Regular Right Guy
      September 13, 2014

      Iceberg! See, that’s why they pay you the big buck, EBL! Lol!!!

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