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Tom Harkin Wins Hillary Booster of the Month

hillary-clinton-0050114-600x450Hillary Clinton cannot steal a break this year.

The former first lady, senator and Benghazi orchestra maestro has been issuing brain f*rts since the release of her bargain-rack “bestseller” last June.

First, her big middleclass bonding fail claiming poverty and despair coming out of eight torturous years in the White House. Then she’s caught on tape having a chuckle about the kidnapping and brutal rape of a young Arkansas girl.

And yesterday retiring Iowa Senator Tom Harkin gave her a hand.

Or, I should say, fingers.


Did you catch Buba’s jaw-drop in that clip? That was almost as good as Don Imus’ Astroturf monologue!

And so, Hillary was not there when the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, she, of course, was Secretary of State.  But I want you all to know, that her fingerprints are all over that legislation. 

Well, they will be now, Tom Harkin. Hillary will be scrambling to bury that trillion dollar dog in the same Ozarks’ sinkhole where she stashed the Whitewater papers!

Hillary Clinton would rather be caught in a ménage à trois with Bill and Monica than have her fingerprints on ObamaCare. She has the only legitimate alibi in the Obama administration for keeping her fingers off that train wreck.

In fact, it’s the only legitimate alibi Hillary Clinton has ever had for anything in her entire 40-year life of crime. In the words of former Obama and now Hillary van-driver Tommy Vietor, Dude, that was like five years ago…

It is a rare day when any Democrat tops Nancy Pelosi for sheer liberal vapidity, but I think Tom Harkin has about nailed it.

Good call on the retirement, Tom.

HT/Western Journalism



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