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Antarctic Ice Pack Sets New Record

5d4bbe96e799616be28d8335acfd976bThat’s right, the 7th largest southern pack in recorded history. Which, of course, is conclusive proof that the planet’s melting…


Sunshinehours reports that the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for September 19th, 2014 is 20.11297 million square kilometers,
which is 1,535,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 climatological mean.

Another 58,000 sq km. was added since yesterday, making it the 7th All-Time Record in 7 Days.

This new record is 610,000 sq km higher than the previous daily record. The red line represents 2014 data.


Charts, graphs, satellite photos and more charts, graphs and satellite photos…: stuff that only matters if Al Gore is around to throw Styrofoam in the water, but anyhow…

Of course verifiable weather history only dates to the late 1880s and all of the older data scientists have accumulated, is subject to vastly different interpretations, depending on which irrelevant warming model one falsifies… er, accepts.

So in short, the entire accumulated climate data since 1889, if the earth is 4.5 billion years old, as most scientists believe it is, is about as significant as the affect of one drop of rain per year on the level of Lake Superior.

See, deniers? The Earth, Planet Gaia, goddess of Oprah, Al and Leo and, well, rocks and other breathing things (until the mothership beams us up), is warming at an alarming and unprecedented rate!

So Bill Nye the Science Guy can probably still keep his speaking gig. I mean, just because the polar ice caps aren’t cooperating, isn’t any reason for warmists to get hysterical.

Since when does being wrong about basically everything disqualify a guy from being an expert?



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