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Spox Jen Psaki Backs Bush

psaki06eInteresting exchange between Fox News honcho Shepard Smith and State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki today.


SMITH: How is this legal? 

PSAKI: Well, a couple ways. One, domestically, is under the AUMF of 2002 which allowed us to go after terrorist targets linked to al Qaeda. 

SMITH: That was a Bush document that said if it’s linked — if it’s al Qaeda we can go. 


SMITH: But this is ISIS. 

PSAKI: Well to be clear, they were linked, they have been linked, they have a long history with al Qaeda.

SMITH: You used to call them the JV, though. 

PSAKI: Well, they have a long history with al Qaeda. We think that the American people and certainly legally, we have looked into it and we are confident —

SMITH: Well the Brits and the French — what about internationally? 

PSAKI: Internationally, this is about the self-defense of Iraq and the Iraqis no question are threatened. 

SMITH: What about Syria?

PSAKI: Well, let me explain. They’re threatened by the safe havens in Syria, by the growth of this terrorist cell. they’ve asked us to come in and help them. We are — we are defending them and that’s the legal authority that our lawyers — 

SMITH: you’re working under the Cheney document? 

PSAKI: Certainly not. We work under international law and we work under domestic law.

SMITH: It sounds very Cheney document to me. 

PSAKI: We always abide by the law, Shep. That’s –—

SMITH: But the French and the British aren’t so sure because here’s the thing, the law is if you’ve been attacked, you absolutely go after them. If you believe an attack is imminent then you can sort of preemptively attack. It was only Cheney who said you can just go kill people because you’re afraid they might kill us. And it looks like to a lot of international observers that’s what we’re doing. I’m not suggesting this. I’m telling you that is what it looks like to a lot of international observers who think what we’re doing might actually be illegal.

PSAKI: Well, to be clear, this is a threat I don’t think anyone would question the threat —

SMITH: Yeah, but it has to be imminent.

PSAKI: to Iraq —

SMITH: Wait, wait, wait. We’re not Iraq.

PSAKI: We’re in the — we’re acting in the self-defense of Iraq. They want us to help them. They’ve asked us to come in and help them. There’s a letter that has been sent to the United Nations that is explaining the legal aspect of this and there’s no question we’re going to act with legal authority but the president is going to defend the national interest of the United States.

SMITH: It’s squishy, and we all know it’s squishy.

PSAKI: I would disagree with you, with all due respect. I disagree with you. 



So why then did Sen. Barack H. Obama vote against it,call it “dumb” and “rash” and imply it was unconstitutional back in 2002, Jen Psaki?

Baaa-baaa-bacuz … shut up.

Ummmmm …

alt + shift + return


File Under: Barry’s Kids



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