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JahKeemYisraelUPDATED — You wake up one morning and realize you’re country has been invaded. You’re shocked but also a little bewildered. How in the world could this happen?

No, not the invasion on the Southern border, how could anyone be shocked about that when every president and congress since the Bush 41 era has known about it and failed to take action?

This invasion is legal and has been going on en masse since the first Gulf war; it gained momentum after Clinton’s Aspirin factory bombing in the 1990s, and continued to slowly gather steam through G.W.’s first term, when someone thought it would be a good idea to import “friendly” Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis no one else wanted, and give them cigarette and liquor stores.

The first honor killings began right away when their daughters started bringing non-Muslim boys home. Beheadings took a while longer to catch on.


We are not a country easily shocked by a few bad eggs who answer the call, “Give me … Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. …” You ask for wretched refuse, you get some wretched refuse. Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky were wretched refuse.

Neither are we easily shocked even when some of the first-generation offspring don’t turn out; Billy the Kid, John Dillinger and Al Capone were first generation Americans.

Yet Capone’s brother was a U.S. prohibition agent, so ashamed of his three gangster brothers that he changed his name to Richard “Two Gun” Hart.

So with the good come the bad.

But what should shock us was that this great Muslim migration was taking place when millions of Mexicans right across the border couldn’t get visas and therefore were taking it upon themselves to walk across on their own for the plentiful low-income jobs “Americans didn’t want”. The real scandal on our border should be that we needed many of these people and our broken immigration system made it all but impossible for them to immigrate legally.

You’d think someone would have asked, Why are Middle Eastern and Baltic Muslims getting visas, when Julio in Juarez applies legally, waits five years and nothing? What are the special skills these immigrants provide that our neighbors to the south could not?

Kick it up a notch. Why has no one noticed (I speak of everyday Americans because our elected officials surely have) that the moneyed Middle Easterners allowed in almost carte blanche on student and work visas, have been disappearing into society without a whisper when those visas expire?


What should not shock us is that an entire race of Americans who have been coddled and babied by our government since the end of the civil rights movement—a race rich in Christian tradition from the slavery era on—would produce offspring that gravitate to the most extreme sects of Islam along with the children of these Muslim immigrants.

What should not shock us is that—after Sharpton and Jackson, mountebank “leaders” legitimized by our government and media—Americans have now taken to lopping off the heads of other Americans in our Heartland, in the name of Allah.



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