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Francis Fisher, Alan Grayson Wants You Stupid

ALAN GRAYSONGive up? Okay, she’s an actress who has played in a couple things that people watched but who is probably best known for being one of Clint Eastwood’s many squeezes.

Francis kind of hit the lotto on that one by bearing his, what is it now, seventeenth out-of-wedlock child? Clint has so many kids by so many different women, that Scott dated Francesca for a week before he realized she looked familiar.

Anyway, Francis Fisher is supporting Florida congressman Alan Grayson for reelection.

Javier Manjarres:

Congressman Alan Grayson is touting a Hollywood endorsement from actress Frances Fisher (Who?), but in doing so, the “Congressman with Guts” comes across as sounding like a fluffed up TV trailer commercial for the actresses past and current credits…

The final quarterly deadline for the 2014 Grayson for Congress reelection campaign is approaching rapidly. We asked famed actress Frances Fisher to explain why she supports Alan Grayson, and why you should, too. …

Hi, I’m Frances Fisher, and I’m here to talk to you about Alan Grayson. He needs to be reelected for Congress, because we need him in Congress.

He’s got one of the most unique voices for peace that I’ve ever heard. And it would be a tragedy if he weren’t reelected. That’s why I’m doing everything that I can [to reelect Alan Grayson]. That’s why I’m speaking to you, right now.

This must be what Ms. Fisher is referring to when she says Alan Grayson is a “unique voice” for peace:

Sunshine State News:

Even though he calls himself the “congressman with guts,” Alan Grayson failed to muster much in the way of political courage last week. …

On the subject of the Islamic State (IS), Grayson has been critical of American efforts against it. He has called for countries in the Middle East to deal with the IS and broke with Obama over bombing IS forces in Iraq. To the surprise of no one, Grayson voted against Obama’s amendment to a budget resolution sending taxpayer dollars to Syrian rebels so they could purchase arms to fight against IS.

Despite opposing sending money to the Syrian rebels, Grayson ended up voting for the budget resolution which included the amendment he voted against. Grayson’s vote wasn’t needed to pass the budget resolution and plenty of Democrats voted against both the resolution and the amendment. … [read it all]

Unique. U-N-I-Q-U-E. Unique…

So is Grayson just too dumb to know what he was voting for, or is he the big fat snaggletooth do*chebag we all thought he was in the first place?

Yes, Alan Grayson says “Republicans want you to die quickly”, but he obviously wants Francis Fisher to stay stuck on stupid until she’s 90.



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