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Secret Service Head Flubs It


Is Julia Pierson qualified to lead the U.S. Secret Service?

Well, of course she’s qualified.

Because Kathleen Sebelius, Marie Harf, Chuck Hagel, Tommy Vietor and shut up.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing blistering criticism from Congress, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson acknowledged on Tuesday that her agency failed in executing its plan to protect the White House when a man with a knife entered the mansion and ran through half the ground floor before being subdued.

“It’s unacceptable,” Pierson told lawmakers. But her promised review of how the storied but blemished agency carries out its mission of protecting the president – and how it failed to intercept the intruder much earlier – left lawmakers from both parties cold.

“I wish to God you protected the White House like you protected your reputation here today,” Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch told her at a hearing.”

Calm but defensive in testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Pierson disclosed there have been six fence-jumpers this year alone, including one just eight days before Army veteran Omar J. Gonzalez scaled the fence on Sept. 19. [read it all]

Personally, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not as if anyone’s going to catch the First Family at home. Just kidding. Well, okay, I’m not kidding, but I’m also not sure these incidences reflect directly on Barack Obama’s non-existent management skills, either.

Let’s face it: in an America where a president this incompetent can be elected, twice, I think we must look inward.

I mean, for Pete’s sake, millennials get their news from a lefty rube on Comedy Central!

In 2011, someone took shots at the White House with a high-powered rifle; the Secret Service knew it as it was happening, yet didn’t investigate the incident for 4 days. Only months later, half-dozen agents were exposed in the Columbian prostitute scandal.

And those flub ups were on Bush appointee Mark Sullivan’s watch.

Is Director Pierson qualified? After six penetrations of White House grounds on her watch, obviously not. I mean, we should certainly support qualified women being promoted to high positions, but this is ridiculous.

But while minority hiring policies may be why Pierson has her position, it can also be argued Sullivan was no better.

No, the problem of gross bureaucratic mismanagement in government goes much deeper.

Having worked closely alongside several government agencies in my life, I can assure you, one immutable truth applies: The most proficient suck up always gets the promotion.

Add to that the current PC insanity for “diversity”, “tolerance”, minority quotas and other such nonsense, future and potentially grave departmental failures are a certainty.

After three or four years of Barack’s Endless Golf Summer and his obnoxiously plodding campaign speeches, it’s probably a miracle that one Secret Service agent or another hasn’t loosened a few bolts in Air Force Ones air stairs.

Barack Obama is, I suspect, narcissistic enough to qualify for around-the-clock institutional care. He cannot admit a mistake, and as a result Julia Pierson probably will not be fired.

But the presidency is only on lone to Barack Obama. It is our government’s responsibility to protect not only the president, but to guard the security of the institution itself.

Congress should bring pressure on the administration to remove Director Julia Pierson.

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