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Obama Makes Room ‘Under the Bus’ for the Kurds

2,w=650,c=0.bildMost Democrat pols and pundits think former congressman and war hero Alan West doesn’t know his place.

If this ingrate had any idea of the sacrifices great African American liberals like Huey Newton and Angela Davis made for his freedom to be black, maybe he’d just shut up.

Alan West:

I must ask if the intent of Obama’s declared air strikes was to “degrade” ISIS — then why is ISIS still conducting offensive operations? It’s a simple question I would love to pose to White House mouthpiece Josh “Not So” Earnest or even the Pentagon spokesman…

The purpose of the tactical task to “degrade” is to adversely affect the capability and capacity of a specified segment of the enemy. We have had this discussion here previously and so we must ask Obama the Great, exactly what are you degrading in Syria if ISIS is still conducting combined arms operations with tanks, infantry, and artillery?

Now folks that ain’t what we call a “jayvee” team — that is maneuver warfare and if ISIS has no air power or credible air defense capability, then why are we only conducting bombing operations at night? And again, combat troops on the ground, designating enemy forces enables an effective sharing operation and close air support. …

I once said Barack Hussein Obama is one of the dumbest presidents ever back in 2010 and was asked about that in 2011 in an interview with NPR. I stand by that comment, but I must also add he is one of the most dangerous and — as I’ve said before and addressed with Greta von Susteren — represents a clear and present danger not just to our Republic, but also to the world. We are doing nothing to stop ISIS from a strategic perspective, and if you are in Kobani, certainly not from a tactical viewpoint. [read it all]

Talk about the evidence of absence! How typical of a self-hating black man like Lt. Col. Alan West. ‘Because you can’t see a strategy, therefore there must be no strategy…’ Barack H. Obama is Mr. Strategy, Mr. Token Minority shill.

Just have a look-see at Brilliant Barry’s air campaign against these un-Islamic ISIS miscreants.



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    Obama Makes Room ‘Under the Bus’ for the Kurds

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