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Carter Chides Barry on ISIS

BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - November 05, 2013UPDATE – Is this the pot calling the president black, or what?

Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama bungled the response to the Islamic State and ‘waited too long’ to engage the terrorist group, the nation’s 39th president, Jimmy Carter, said Tuesday.

Obama’s current approach to fighting ISIS in Iraq has a ‘possibility of success,’ Carter added, but only if ground troops do their part.

Carter, a Democrat who served as president for one term in the late seventies, held little back when asked about the current occupant of the White House by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Tuesday. 

The retired politician said he supported Obama’s candidacy but disagrees with the way he’s handled several foreign policy issues, including the ascent of ISIS.

‘First of all, we waited too long [to get involved],’ he said. ‘We let the Islamic State build up its money, capability and strength and weapons while it was still in Syria.

‘Then when [ISIS] moved into Iraq, the Sunni Muslims didn’t object to their being there and about a third of the territory in Iraq was abandoned.’

Carter seemed skeptical that Obama’s current plan of attack would yield the desired result.

‘If we keep on working in Iraq and have some ground troops to follow up when we do our bombing, there is a possibility of success,’ he stated. He did not indicate who should supply the soldiers, the U.S., Iraq or some other country.

Isn’t this a little like the Pet Rock calling the Segway stupid? Carter supports Hamas as a “legitimate political actor” and blames Israel for causing a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza, and he says Obama’s clueless?

Oh well, at least he got rid of the three-martini lunch, huh?

UPDATE – For those who would reach for the race card for my passing reference to the President’s ethnicity: President Obama has had as little to do with black America as any president in history. That he has done so little for African Americans, coupled with the fact that he has perhaps set back liberal politics by a decade or more, is laughable.




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    October 8, 2014


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