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Rule 5: Ladies of the Jihad Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Rule 5 for submission over at The Other McCain, but our good blog buddies Evil Blogger Lady and Chandler’s Ghost have been logging such great entries lately, that I thought I’d try to catch up.

This Week: Ladies of the Jihad

Miss Hawaiian

Miss Hawaiian Tropic, 2013: Saudi Entries


Miss September Benghazi 2013 — 9-11 Anniversary Calendar. Miss September had a special message for Barack Obama: ‘Anti-Muslim Video …? Oh, now get it! Hahahahaha!’


Fatwa in three countries: Lewd and Lascivious Conduct.


Yemen: Ebola Preparedness Week

Snowdon Vacation

Chechnya: Vacationing Edward Snowdon


Ayman al-Zawahiri: Post operative.



Last but not least, Mrs. Anthony Weiner, former State Department MB infiltrator and Hillary Clinton, um, confidant, Huma Abedin. Ms. Jihadi Mata Hari 2014. Rumor has it Ms. Abedin has received special dispensation for scandalous violations of Sharia like these, as long as she continues to launder Hillary’s prayer rug.

This is not Huma but if it were Huma it would most likely be the Huma Huma’s pervert husband would not have cyber-sexted on. Still wondering just how seriously Mama Abedin took that whole FGM thing.

May Allah Be Praised!

File Under: Abbottabad Abbottabing,


Note: The linkage has become too research-intensive, so just a couple today.


The Other McCain

The Schmuck-tacular Folderol Of Brooks

Anti-Heterosexual #Feminism

Dork-Shaming Hunter Biden After Dismissal From Navy Reserve For Blow

Higher Education Bubble-Head Update: Sweet, Sweet Progressive Dark Age

LIVE AT FIVE: 10.17.14

The #GamerGate Hate Hoax

Brother Of The World’s Youngest Blogger: It’s All Ducked Up

In The Mailbox: 10.16.14

Evil Blogger Lady

Ferguson Update: Officer Wilson testifies to the Grand Jury and forensic evidence supports his version of events

Joe Biden’s Son was kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine and the media covered it up…with bonus Ashley Biden Rule 5

Donald Douglas

World War II Veteran Says ‘Fury’ Is ‘Accurate Portrayal’ of Hellish Brutality of the War

This Far-Left Whackjob Has a Pet Chicken — So I Guess You Aren’t Allowed to Eat Chicken Anymore, Or Something

Bob Belvedere

Depends On What The Meaning Of ‘Military Family’ Is

Hot Air

“I Won’t Say I Voted for Obama” virus seems to be spreading faster than that other one

Mr. G Guy

Ebola, Etc: FUBAR SNAFU Charlie-Foxtrot

PJ Media

Islamic State Training Pilots to Fly MIGs


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