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murray-budget-1Fear of an Ebola epidemic in the U.S., while not completely unwarranted, has probably been overblown. It is almost completely media driven, yet even I found myself looking in the medicine cabinet to make sure the old thermometer was there this morning.

But is it a Third World contagion that Americans really fear, or is it lack of confidence in a president and administration who have lied to the public at every turn, even when it was more politically expedient to tell the truth?

If anything, the average American has not been concerned enough. Not about an Ebola outbreak, but by the fact that, after more than 30 years, it has found its way onto the North American continent. Through the incompetence of a handful of amateurs who only 30 years ago nobody would have believed could have gained the reins of power.

We’ve talked the lack of border security to death, Americans know about it and most want our borders shut down, but have come to accept that they most likely never will be.

And the administration and its humps in the media tell us the borders are more secure than ever.

We may get a case of Ebola on our Southern border, in fact we almost certainly will one day in the future. Ebola is here.

But that should be way down on our list of worries.

Our greatest concern should be a bloated government so ponderously slow on the uptake, that a mistake is not a mistake until five agencies have made it and three congressional committees have investigated it.

Last July the CDC found six vials of smallpox in the FDA’s cold storage along with 300 other specimens it had forgotten.

USA Today:

“The fact that these materials were not discovered until now is unacceptable,” [an FDA spokesman] said. “We take this matter very seriously and we’re working to make sure it won’t happen again.”

Comforted? There’s more.

The smallpox vials and other biological specimens appear to date from 1946 to 1964, and tests by the CDC have found some of the virus is still alive. The FDA and NIH are investigating how samples of such a deadly and restricted virus went unnoticed for decades. … [USA Today]

Probably zero chance anyone in our government healthcare mishmangle would inadvertently unleash that bit of hell on our society for the first time in a half century. Right?

Full Caf Americano

Let’s not be so quick to blame all of this on Magnificent Barry. The infrastructure was in place long before he arrived on our shores, much less in the White House. It was only a matter of time before the country would buy a bill of goods from a clever beach hustler with a god complex to take advantage of it.

Or as Michael Goodwin said this morning, ‘Bad Things Happen to Bad Presidents.

And Worse Things Happen to Stupid Voters.

When I think about all of this I am amazed that our establishment Republican friends are not scratching their heads in wonder.

The GOP should hold double-digit leads from the Carolinas to California. They should be picking up Senate and House seats in places that haven’t even thought of themselves as America for 30 years.

That is clearly not happening.

While it could have been out recruiting candidates with the fire in their bellies to take a wrecking ball to dangerously oversized government, the RNC was working overtime to protect the status quo.

No, Ebola should be the least of our worries right now, although it and myriad other diseases are valid concerns.

Right now we should be far more worried about losing our grip on a democratic republic, already weakened by politicians and bureaucrats in both parties, and slipping off the ledge into the snake pit of European-like democratic socialism.

HT/Drudge, International Politic Cartoons [Image]


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