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CNN Blinked From Dish Network

CC1aIf you knew something was missing but just couldn’t put your finger on what it is, you probably 1) Don’t subscribe to the Dish Network, or 2) Never watch CNN.

What’s that? Oh, CNN, a cable news channel people used to watch back in the 1990s. I forget about millennials when I’m blogging these tidbits.


Due to a contract dispute, CNN and 6 other Turner Broadcasting networks have been yanked from Dish Network, a satellite provider that provides television in bundled packages like every cable television provider. The 7 channels also include Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, Headline News, and TruTV.

News of this dispute is yet another reminder of what an immoral racket bundled cable/satellite is, and how these huge left-wing media companies jam their over-priced garbage down the throats of tens of millions of Americans.

Let’s start with the math:

Dish Network has 14 million of the estimated 100 million households CNN is currently available in. Although it is available in around 100 million households, only about a half-million people on average watch CNN; which is averages to about one-half of one percent. My imperfect science and math indicates that only around 70,000 of the Dish Network’s 14 million subscribers tune into CNN.

How many of those 14 million Dish subscribers are paying for CNN even though they don’t watch it? [read]

So, basically, who’s noticing?

CNN founder Ted Turner once boasted that he would bury Fox News. Don’t need to ask how that turned out for him. And his brother, then CNN president Ed Turner, bragged, “The news is what I say it is.”

How the mighty have etc etc etc.

I suppose someone somewhere is missing CNN, and I know I would miss the Cartoon Network if I were a Dish subscriber.

John Nolte has a valid point about cable- and satellite-bundling, though. Doesn’t it burn you up when you order a package and it has 30 Spanish language, sports, or yes, news channels you don’t want?

As if you had nothing better to do in the middle of the night than watch an admittedly striking but half-naked señorita bounce up and down and mug for the camera, trying to sell you a used Camaro in a language you never quite learned.

These bundling packages are like Three Card Monte. You cannot find a package you actually want! I’m sure some subscribers want those Spanish language channels, if for no other reason than to brush up on their second language, but they shouldn’t have to take them if the can’t use them.

Anyway, bad week for CNN.

You should look at the bright side, though, Jeff Zucker. If it weren’t for MSNBC, 14 million more Dish subscribers would be watching Fox News instead of CNN.

Maybe you guys should hire Ronan Farrow?

No? Well, the Eagles still love you guys a lot.



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