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‘O Nation’: No Longer Embracing the Suck?


From the Telegraph, here is a clever message for anyone who is thinking about sitting out one or both of the next two elections.


America is so over Obama. In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head-over-heels in love with the man who told them that “yes, we can” overcome war and recession.

By 2012, the amour had cooled but they were willing to give four more years to the guy who was – if nothing else – way hotter than Mitt Romney.

But now it’s 2014 and the passion is totally gone. Obama is the withholding boyfriend who knows that he’s probably on the way out and is just sending the odd friendly text message from the golf course. If this relationship-breakdown metaphor seems a little strained consider this: Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods.

America would happily kick him to the curb, but he can’t run again in 2016 – so these midterm elections are the chance to send a message of complaint. [read it all]

Remember the messiah of hopenchange?

Bu- bu- bu- but ‘this was the moment…’!

Okay, I’m not thrilled with the prospect of six years of Mitch McConnell at the helm in the Senate, or even by another six minutes of John Boehner slurring sharing his big government republicanism with us.

But I can live with it if it’ll force Harry Reid into a full-time Mormon deaconship.

Oh, and in case you think it’s just Obama who has put the greatest nation on earth into competition for Best New Second World country, just drop by south Chicago sometime and see how well villages raise children.

Barack Obama has been a brain trust for crazy, unworkable and destructive liberal ideas for six years, but in principal Hillary Clinton agrees with every one of those ideas.

And so do all of the other Democrats who are trying to shake Obama off like doggy poopy on the bottoms of their shoes right now.

They supported him in the beginning, they were ecstatic when he was reelected, and now they’re trying to make us think if we elect them they will reverse his disastrous policies.

They’re lying.

Democrats suck.

Democrats are the Blue Light Special for things that suck.

HT/The Telegraph, Drudge



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