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La Raza: Steal the ✓ Vote 2014

La_Raza-protest-sign_thumb[1]They’re like recurring fungal infections: “Rock the Vote” “Turn Out the Vote” “GOTV” “Advancement Project” and even established liberal civil and women’s right groups like the NAACP and NOW.

They are the voting advocacy groups and campaigns that pop up with ads, mailers and even door-to-door canvassing drives during every election cycle.

Sure, the GOP uses the same methods—and most of the groups claim to be bipartisan—but no one is more effective than Democrat special interest groups when it comes to corrupting the voting process.


The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

“Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country, with newly Republican-controlled legislatures having passed them in numerous states after the 2010 election,” explained The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. “Most states still request some form of ID, but don’t require it. Another 20 states don’t require identification. In case you’re wondering where your state is at in all of this, a helpful (sic) graphic from the Post’s graphics team.”

So who ended up using the Post’s helpful graphic? The country’s foremost pro-amnesty Hispanic immigrant organization.

The Chicago chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice tweeted Blake’s article with the message, “Reminder — #Illinois does NOT require #voterID to cast a ballot,” along with the pro-Democrat hashtag #TurnOutForWhat. The tweet was helpfully retweeted by the National Council of La Raza.

“Get Out the Vote” is Democrat code for: “Register Your Local Dead Person”, “‘Help’ a Granny Vote” and “Stuff a Ballot Box Near You”.

Democrat activists almost certainly stole the Coleman-Franken election in 2008, and Colorado is gearing up massive fraud with its new Democrat-sponsored voting laws. Republicans bought into the Motor Voter act in the 1990s, and it has proven a facilitator of widespread corruption for Democrats ever since.

We’ve seen, firsthand, ACORN registration fraud.

In California we are proud of our Mexican American heritage; our state began as a province of Spain and later Mexico, and Hispanics are a rich part of our culture.

But now, since Governor Jerry Brown has openly solicited the importation of illegals via Obama’s lawless Mara Salvatrucha Boat Lift, it will be impossible to hold an election in the state without widespread fraud.

Democrats and their corrupt special interest groups have been hijacking our election process for 20 years, and Republicans have largely sat by on their thumbs while they’ve done it.

The first order of business for Republicans when—if—they regain the Senate, should be a national voter ID law mandating states to require legal photo ID.



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