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Alan Grayson’s Wife: ‘Alan Wants Us to Starve Quickly’


If you are Republican, you probably remember Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida.

Yes, that’s our Alan, way back in 2009, helping Democrats destroy the greatest health care system the world has ever known.

He doesn’t like you, Republicans.

He apparently isn’t too hot on ex-wives or his offspring, either.

Ben Smith, TheDC:

The estranged wife and children of Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson have turned to government food stamps to support themselves, despite lawyers representing Grayson asserting that he provides them about $120,000 of assistance, WFTV 9 Orlando reports.

Grayson was named the 17th richest member of Congress this month by CQ Roll Call.

Grayson’s marriage of 29 years dissolved earlier this year when his wife, Lolita Grayson, filed for divorce. A week later, Rep. Grayson asked a court to annul the marriage on the basis of bigamy.

Mr. Grayson is refusing to pay spousal support because he is claiming that she was never divorced from her first husband and therefore their marriage was never legitimate.

Mrs. Grayson told WFTV 9 Orlando she never thought she would be on food stamps or have her kids on the school lunch, because her husband was “the sole provider,” she said. “I don’t have any money at all. He’s been holding all our money for years and years.” [read]

That’s it, Alan Grayson; might as well annul your five children while you’re at it.

Oh well, at least Grayson’s estranged family will have the same second-rate health care millions of other Americans have who can’t keep their doctors or hospitals. What’re six more people on the public dole?

While Alan wages his own personal #waronwomen.

Alan Grayson: Delivering For Central Florida (except for his wife and five children.)

Vote, Florida.

HT/TheDC [Image]



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