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Tom Brokaw Brings Us More Senior Moments


Tom Brokaw has a lot of time on his hands these days. Now that he’s not the driving force behind Peacock News, he can’t just sit around the fishing hole and laugh at neighbor David Letterman’s classless Sarah Palin jokes all day.


Tom Brokaw, former anchor of NBC Nightly News, had a busy midterm election night as he appeared on both NBC and PBS’s midterm coverage programming. During Brokaw’s appearances on the two networks, the former Nightly News anchor repeatedly minimized the significance of the GOP’s electoral victory. During his appearance on the PBS program Charlie Rose, Brokaw disgustingly claimed that talk radio hosts insist “Obama’s voters are people who live in excrement. That was his phrase. And they expect us to lift them out of excrement.”

The former NBC anchor began his rant by complaining that Obama “gets hammered 24/7 by Fox News on the right and by talk radio which is a huge voice in this country” before bizarrely trashing talk radio… [read it all]

That about sums it up, Tom. President Obama’s complete voter backlash was a Rush Limbaugh-Fox News plot.

I always suspected that William Hurt’s character in Broadcast News was based on Tom Brokaw. You know, good looking but just a little sketchy?

That was a simpler time in our history, wasn’t it? The Golden Era of network journalism. The anchors were and therefore we believed.

It’s always so sad when they begin to sundown.

Don’t laugh.

It’s not funny.

There but for fortune.

It’s great that Tom still has a sense of humor to go along with his mild cognitive impairment, though.



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