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#MikeBrown Gets Justice

4493754_GIf I could go back in history, I would find every Southern plantation owner I could and punch him in the mouth.

I would do this right before I visit the post-MLK 1960s and punch out H. Rap Brown and Jesse Jackson and Angela Davis (Oh, yes, I would bust her chops in a heartbeat) and Tom Hayden.

I would punch out the members of this latter group today, but it wouldn’t do any good. The damage has been done.

The former were Democrat racists who thought they could enslave a whole people group for generations without generational consequences.

The latter were culprits in the American communists’ plan to foment continuing racial unrest in the post-Jim Crow African American community.

I would move on to politicians like Robert and Ted Kennedy and left-wing journalists like Dan Rather and… well, I’m getting carried away.

Okay, my reverie is silly, and I really wouldn’t have harmed any of these people, but when are Americans going to wake up to the racial fraud that has been, and is still being, driven by the Left?

Racial discrimination does not exist in this country, and as soon as young black men stop strong-arm robbing Korean grocers and attempting to mug neighborhood watch captains, white guys with guns will stop killing them.

This Ferguson committeewoman on Hannity last night is the progeny of 50 years of this leftist propaganda.

And here is just one small example of the violence all of these people have caused, and will continue to cause as long as African Americans continue to buy into the hateful rhetoric they spew.

What more could these traitors to liberty want?

We really don’t need a Ferguson to see the handiwork of these traitors; one needs merely to pick up a Chicago newspaper and read the articles on black-on-black crime.

As convicted cop killer H. Rap Brown has said: “Violence is as American as apple pie.”




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2 comments on “#MikeBrown Gets Justice

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  2. Paul H. Lemmen
    November 25, 2014

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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