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Oh Good, Lanny’s ‘Ready For Hillary’

hillaryIf memory serves me, Lanny Davis was sort of the dweeb hanger-on in the Clinton scrum at Yale Law in the late 1960s, when Bill and Hillary couldn’t live without each other.

Ironically, Davis is one of the few Clinton cronies whose reputation survived in tact after the couple quit the White House broke, busted and disgusted in 2001.

Even more ironic, Lanny is also one of the few Clintonistas who grows on you without leaving you feeling like you’ve picked up pond scum somewhere.

But Lanny still seems indefatigable in his support for Hillary.

The Hill:

Last week, on Dec. 4, I helped organize a Ready for Hillary fundraiser in Montgomery County, Md., in the immediate suburbs of Washington, D.C. The organization, an independent grassroots committee, has been at work for the past year gathering millions of names and small donations in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton for president — that is, just in case she decides to run in 2016.

“Independent grassroots committee,” as in Democrat gazillionaires.

When I began working on this event, I was not sure many prominent statewide or local elected officials would be willing to sign up on the invitation as members of the host committee, especially because the outgoing Maryland governor, Martin O’Malley, has made it apparent that he is running for president.  

Oh. Well… if Martin O’Malley’s running, maybe you better rethink, Lanny.

But what happened surprised me. Many of the major Maryland statewide elected officials signed up, including the attorney general, state treasurer and state Senate president. … The guest of honor was the congressman representing the location of the fundraiser (Potomac), Rep. John Delaney. The congressman offered three facts about Clinton — the reasons she should be our next president. [read it all]

Why stop at just three reasons?

The list is virtually endless:

1) Benghazi – Hillary has already demonstrated her ability to closedown deadweight government bureaucracies by attrition

2) Truthful and unpatronizing – No worry about right-wing nutcakes calling her Lieawatha

3) Bullets Over Bosnia – Heroic

4) Mama… er, Grizzly – Defended Chelsea about that time she was jogging around the World Trade Center and it was attacked by, oh, some Middle-Eastern militants or whatever. What difference at this point does it make?

So virtually endless president material here.

Oh, I forgot, Business friendly

Anyway, Lanny Davis is getting us Ready for Hillary.

So… vroooooooom




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    December 12, 2014

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