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Elizabeth Warren is not ‘Currently’ Running for President…

House Financial Services Committee Holds TARP Oversight HearingEven with his substantial girth one has to believe Tip O’Neill would be spinning in his grave. Ronald Reagan’s political nemesis wouldn’t have believed Massachusetts could sink so low.

Sure, Scott Brown was a moron, but really?

The lionized liberal Speaker would tell you Democrat Massachusettians once knew how to elect a fraud when they saw one.

Men like Hugh Carry and Ted Kennedy, who could pick your pocket and pat your wife’s behind in public at the same time, and make you feel privileged to have him do both. Ah, those were the Golden Years of American liberalism.

So why is the Elizabeth Warren flaky fringe groundswell moving faster than a Miley Cyrus tongue bath?

Guy Benson, Townhall:

Elizabeth Warren is a Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, a fraudulent Native American, and the Left’s political crush du jour, who’s been dubbed by some as liberals’ version of Ted Cruz.  (Oddly, her recent threats to buck her party’s leadership and shut down the government didn’t garner the sort of apocalyptic coverage that Cruz’s endeavors have.  She now calls the whole episode a “warning shot,” suggesting there’s more grandstanding fighting for principle to come).  In spite of whispers and terrible music video tributes, Warren has consistently denied that she is running for president, repeating her answer in an interview with NPR… [read more here]

Well, we’ll just skip to the video:

Fauxcahontas (Killer of the Big Bear and Small Rabbit), is not currently running, people, so stop it with the nagging, will you? America is not ready for one of the Original People to show them the path to the placid waters beyond the Great Mountain of Evil Corporate Capitalism.

Then again, there is still time for Elizabeth to reconsider…

Don’t lose hope, liberals, a New Day is coming.




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