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Texas Plumber’s Truck Now Owned By Satisfied ISIS Gunner

texas-truck-isisIf You Want a Better Deal Go See… Haleel and His Dog Mujie?

Unless you are from California you probably don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about, but I couldn’t resist.

Have you ever asked yourself how all of these slightly pre-owned good-condition runs-like-a-dream left-drive American-made pickups are ending up in the hands of Muslim religious terrorists militants malcontents?

Okay, I’ll just go ahead and assume you have a life.

But it is a good question.

Gateway Pundit:

Texas Plumber Receives Threats After Old Pickup Truck Appears in Jihadist Video in Syria

Texas City plumber Mark Oberholtzer has been bombarded with calls, some hostile, since a truck he traded in at AutoNation was shown being used as a gun platform in Syria. (Galveston Daily Times)

The Ansar Al-Deen Front, an independent Islamist group operating near Aleppo, Syria, posted video of the truck used in fighting.

FOX News reported:

A Texas plumber has been receiving threats after a photo emerged of Islamic extremists in Syria firing a high-powered gun from the bed of his old pickup, which still bears his company’s logo on the door.

An extremist group, Ansar al-Deen Front, posted the photo of its fighters aboard the Ford F-250 sometime on Monday. That prompted a flood of calls to Mark Oberholtzer, who owns Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, and has nothing to do with Syria’s bloody civil war.

“How it ended up in Syria, I’ll never know,” Oberholtzer told The Galveston Daily News.

Oberholtzer told the paper that he traded in the truck three years ago. The Houston dealership he turned it over to, AutoNation, told that the truck was auctioned and was likely traded from owner to owner over the course of three years.

This is just one truck, but you have to wonder how so many American vehicles are ending up as gun platforms in the hands of these wackjobs.

It seems unlikely that AutoNation is exporting them directly to anyone in ISIS, but it seems to me it would be a good day project for DHS to track this one down.

That is, when they have some free time after making their latest customers from Obama’s Mara Salvatrucha Boatlift comfortable.

HT/Cal Worthington and His Dog Spot

File Under: Islam-A-Bad, The Enemy Among Us



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