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Barry O – 2014: A Look Back

85What a year, huh?

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a great time. Where else can you to openly ridicule your lazy self-absorbed megalomaniacal leader when he’s responsible for a good two-thirds of the country’s present ills?

Granted Barry would like to change all of that, but so far I still have the FREEDOM to poke silly fun at him and not have to fear that his storm troopers will kick in my door at any minute.

Here are just a few of Barry’s spectacular achievements for 2014:

Beginning in January, the president and his unindicted coconspirators allowed tens of thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the country unchecked, and immediately disbursed them across the four corners of the U.S to hide them. If you are from anywhere south of the Rio Grande, Barack Obama has to be the greatest thing since Montezuma invented hot cocoa.

By spring Vladimir Putin invaded Barack’s head and bivouacked there without firing a shot. If you are Russian, Barack Obama has to be the greatest U.S. president since FDR gave them Eastern Europe at Yalta.

By April, after everyone pretty much assumed that Obamacare was going to suck forever, no matter what anyone does, Barack nominated a new incompetent to mismanage the outgoing Kathleen Sebelius’ mess. And of course Lindsey Graham voted to confirm her.

Bergdahl Trade: He released Five Senior Taliban leaders and paid Five Million U.S. Taxpayer Dollars for one sniveling little coward who sold out his country. All the while leaving a heroic U.S. Marine to twist in the wind in a Mexican prison. Barry, Numero Uno Americano!

Vacations, Vacations, Vacations… Got a national crisis? Let’s play “Where’s Barry?”

#Ferguson, #Eric Garner: Barry might as well have sent the gas can to Missouri with Eric Holder. He and his shills aided and abetted the murders of two of New York’s Finest with their shameful rhetoric against police officers.

Benghazi, IRS Targeting, Grubergate, just a smattering of the cover-ups perpetrated by this president and the felons he protects that are now coming to light, in his quest to fundamentally destroy the American Dream.

The good news? Even Barack Obama doesn’t suck enough to destroy the American Dream.

God Bless America!

Joy to the World!

The Lord Has Come!!!



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6 comments on “Barry O – 2014: A Look Back

  1. Paul H. Lemmen
    December 23, 2014

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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  4. theebl
    December 25, 2014

    Merry Christmas RRG!

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