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Another Secret Service Rout…


0930-PIERSON-JULIA-sized.jpg_full_600UPDATED College graduate who can’t find work? The recent shake up in the U.S. Secret Service may provide your answer.*

NY Observer:

Today, four more top United States Secret Service executives have been forced from their posts in a stunning shake-up that the Washington Post, whose Carol Leonnig has unearthed scoop after scoop on this unfolding story, said would “gut much of the Secret Service’s upper management.”

Maybe so, but a high-ranking former agent interviewed by the Observer this evening thinks this shocking change will jumpstart morale and begin the healing process. Speaking to the Observer on the condition of anonymity, the agent, who knows and worked with all four of the demoted agents, described a sedentary, low morale culture that had been allowed to fester by lifers who no longer cared to innovate…

The agent took particular exception to the lack of physical conditioning and tacky appearance of Obama appointees, including the recently canned Julia Pierson and Assist. Dir. Jane Murphy, one of the latest heads to roll.

“Look, Secret Service always had a mystique about them. Looking good and being fit. Physical appearances mean something. Female director, whatever. She wasn’t attractive, she was overweight and Jane was worse. Jane was sloppily dressed, never a good physical appearance. Jane was a terrible dresser, Janet Napolitano was commissioner and it is what it is, people look the way they look.

The article goes on to explain much of what we already know: that the agency that guards our president (like almost all government law enforcement agencies after decades of a Democrat controlled congress, and and even later with the cowering GOP) is majorly screwed up.

Meanwhile, the ability to retain talent at an already-reeling agency remains questionable. One agent who declined to be quoted told the Observer a story about a fellow agent named Jerome Pickett, who was considered a rising star, having joined the agency directly out of college. The young, handsome African-American from New York became the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge and was reported to be under consideration to succeed his boss. Suddenly, he was to be transferred to St. Louis. He was supposedly willing to go—his fiancé was from Iowa—but thought he could do better in the private sector. Instead of heading for Missouri, he quit after 16 years—an unheard-of late-stage diversion under the previous 20-year pension horizon—to become Chief Security Officer at the NBA. [read the whole thing]

That is the bad news. The really bad news is that Barack Obama is president, and unlike the agent above, I don’t see the upside, even with the gutting of the deadwood at the top.

I can’t really imagine Barack Obama reaching deep and appointing individuals who are actually competent to fill these newly vacated positions, can you?

So if you are a 20-something college graduate, a bit of a slacker with fair-to-middling motor skills, and like to par-teee, the new Secret Service may just be your career ticket.

Check it out, bro.


*Community organizing or related social sciences degree a plus. The acceptable applicant will have diverse FaceBook and Twitter accounts. NRA members and other gun-clinging Bible thumpers need not apply.

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