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Lena Dunham Talks About Humor

thUPDATED – And rape and several other subjects for which she allegedly has first-hand knowledge and expertise.

With her already tragic ratings collapsing, “Girls” creator Lena Dunham took a break from her grueling schedule of creeping people out, to attend the Sundance Film Festival.

This time, Lena seems to suggest that we need help understanding why the audience that once supported her late night S’mores binges deserted her …

“In some ways America is at its most puritanical,” Lena Dunham said Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival’s Power of Story: Serious Ladies panel when addressing some of the reaction she and her HBO show has received. “The fact is people are forgetting that humor is a tool for debate,” she added. “That boycott, censorship, shut ‘em down approach to humor shows a very basic lack of understanding of what humor can do for us culturally and what it has always done,” Dunham said to applause. …

Lena? It’s cable TV. There is no Hays Commission to keep you from performing a Tijuana donkey act, if that’s what you think will attract an audience.

Then again, there are only so many bovine eye rolls you can do and still get laughs by lolling around with your underwear riding up your butt.

But Lena didn’t leave it there; she decided to revisit the one topic you’d think she of all people would avoid with garlic and a wooden stake.


“One of the reasons it is important to talk about campus assaults,” Dunham told the Sundance crowd, “is that that these women in positions of incredible privilege are still being forced every day to fight for their truth and that is indicative of the fact that sexual assault is an epidemic and so many people are voiceless.”…

Or not, as it turns out.

Lena “voiced” her “truth” by implicating a man she didn’t like because he had political views with which she disagreed; at worst the rape never happened and at best the assailant was a Democrat.

If the only men Lena Dunham and her feminist nutcake buddies had to face on campus were conservatives, she not only would have been statistically safe, but she probably would have remained dateless for all four years.

But Lena Dunham wowed her ski-tanned Hollywood audience at Sundance this week, where the air is thin and the truth is… whatever.

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