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#ThisIsNotIslam Sets a Bonfire

Jordanian-pilot-Muadh-al-Kasasbeh-burned-to-deathUPDATED – If a group of Missionary Baptists did this would any of you deep wells on the Left have a problem calling them Christians?

What if they were members of the JDL? Would #ThisIsNotJewish work for Barack Obama?

Are Barack’s Muslim family members or Islamist sympathizers in the administration influencing him to disseminate this lie, or is he simply as dumb as his favorite putter? Not that either of those possibilities need be mutually exclusive.

Islam came to power over its first two centuries by caliphate*; barbaric domination. The caliphs continued to wage war against their neighbors in the ninth through twelfth centuries and to a lesser degree throughout the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The caliphs conquered Spain and Egypt (a Shia caliphate) in the fifteenth century. Also in the fifteenth century the Ottoman caliphate began.

Wahhabism was established in the early eighteenth century and continues until this day. (ISIS is a Wahhabi movement, as is Al Qaeda.)

If you could stack up all the heads Islamic fundamentalists have lobbed over the last 1,500 years they would make Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields” look like a carnival sideshow fake; stack up the stones they’ve hurled and they would probably reach the moon, and you don’t want to even guess at the multitudes of women they have beaten, maimed and mutilated.

The caliphate was supposedly abolished within the Islamic religion in 1924, at the end of the Ottoman era.

Now it’s back.

What part of #ThisIsIslam do Democrats not understand?

Or is it just trendy to deny that anything this un-American, antisemitic and anti-Christian can be so purely evil?

*The dates may be a little off; I linked them quickly off the top of my head. Check with your local patriotic Muslim; I’m sure he or she knows them by heart.

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