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Discussing Race with Nancy Giles

Nancy GilesHey everybody, let’s all kick back with a big steaming Starbucks grande and talk about skin pigmentation, with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Nancy Giles.

Well that worked out well, don’t you think?

See the full video here.

Notice how quickly Nancy Giles segued from: Some people might think you were co-opting the whole, Yo, brother black brother thang… to: See, see, see? IIIIIIIIIIII know you’re black, but you’re not… um…

Because she obviously didn’t think Jay Smooth was a black man, and to black liberals like Nancy Giles, everything is about being the right kind of black …

Clarence Thomas can never be black enough, Stacey Dash is clearly trying to “pass” or something, but Nancy’s just the right kind of black to talk about … BLACK. NESS.

Then the explanation…

Hey, you wanna talk black… I’m six feet one and brown skinned and… elevators and white people and black people in elevators … and white people … and … something something something…

Jay Smooth wasn’t black enough for Nancy Giles to recognize as a bona fide black man, and he didn’t have the politically approved message.

I mean, Nancy Giles knows you’re a black man, Jay Smooth, but some of the rest of us might get mixed up and think you’re just a regular person trying to act like a black person, the way you’re talking.

Get it, dog?

Play it off, Jay Smooth.

This’ll be good enough to get yourself invited to at least one white liberal Manhattan mixer. Take the free booze and hors d’oeuvres … Then get a new line of work. You are not black enough for hip-hop, Jay Smooth. … Or to discuss race issues on MSNBC.

#RaceTogether Everybody!


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3 comments on “Discussing Race with Nancy Giles

  1. Father Paul Lemmen
    March 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Father Paul Lemmen
    March 19, 2015

    Heh. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has rejected me as a member because I am not ‘colored’ enough. They’ll take my money but won’t let me be a member because genetically I am pure northern European and I am pink in color. Apparently they are all about the dusky tones and not all colors. Here I thought they were for the equality of all colors not just the darker subset.
    Deceptive advertising!

  3. thatmrgguy
    March 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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