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Gentrification is Destroying the Great Society

8230804If you are the white privileged, or are of any racial assignation and gainfully employed by an entity that doesn’t require a government grant to remain solvent, just skip this blog.

It doesn’t pertain to anything you could possibly understand. Because, you, my friend, are part of the problem.

As San Francisco rents continue to rise and gentrification spreads, unscrupulous landlords are using new tactics to evict tenants from affordable housing, including bullying residents, going “out of business” and misusing zoning laws.

Last year, the mainstream press swarmed to San Francisco to cover the tech bus protests, gentrification, and activists’ disdain for Silicon Valley and “tech.” Those stories have largely died down, but the underlying grievances of many San Franciscans have not. Evictions continue. The battle being waged by residents of one building in the Mission District, which is currently facing eviction, demonstrates the persistent intensity of the attacks on low-income tenants.

On a sunny Monday afternoon in early March, tenants from Station 40, an affordable housing complex in San Francisco’s rapidly gentrifying Mission District, joined with activists from the Housing Rights Committee and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project to hold a press conference condemning one of the latest evictions happening in the city. In late February, Station 40 tenants were slapped with an eviction notice from their landlords, Ahuva, Emanuel and Barak Jolish.

“Station 40 has been home to anarchist, queer and transgender refugees, broke people, veterans against war, those healing from the prison system, lifelong San Franciscans, immigrants, people with disabilities, and those who were previously homeless,” according to the groups’ press statement. Station 40 has also “hosted and/or organized hundreds of anticapitalist-oriented events, including fund-raiser, critical discussions, film screenings and performances, assemblies, book releases, art shows and workshops, and indie media projects, contributing to the rebel spirit of the Bay Area.” [read it all]

Anarchists, queers and transgender refugees, broke folk, veterans against war (presumably excluding Oliver Stone); lifelong San Franciscans with the government subsidized right to finger-paint 365 days a year and call themselves artists; illegals world citizens of undefined national origin or documentation.

They live with this everyday so middle-class pawns of the money grubbing corporate and big business capitalists can selfishly buy and restore nice places for themselves to live in, and possibly make a profit in the process.

Will the injustice never end?

Have you ever noticed that there never seems to be a shortage of neighborhoods to gentrify?

These homes in the Mission District are a little older and are valued because of the quality of their construction and design. Other places, in Manhattan and Brooklyn, Washington DC, Chicago and other cities are sometimes of 1920’s-era construction or even post World War Two.

But Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” was responsible for building literally thousands of sparkling new projects for the underprivileged to live in that have now become slums and urban blight.

They’ll be coming on the market as condo projects just as soon as someone in Congress or the White House convinces enough of us that throwing more good money after bad will end poverty. Then they will build thousands more projects for the “gentry” to clean up.

There will never be a shortage of these places to gentrify as long as people like Jimmy Carter are around to swing a hammer for a 501 with a HUD block grant.

But isn’t that the way?

Capitalism always takes over to clean up the messes well meaning and not-so-well-meaning liberals make.


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