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The New Army: Still ‘Be All that You Can Be’, Except Really

Chelsea-ManningIt would be convenient to blame the deterioration of our military on Barack Obama. (He’s such an effeminate little mook you know he would have done the sissy dance every time he came within a 100 yards of the rifle range.) And Barack’s history of disregard toward the heroes who serve has been evident for years.

But first you’d have to explain how a lefty misfire like Wesley Clark ever made rank above platoon sergeant.

Not to put it on any particular general, but give enough liberals a uniform and a few stars and bad things will happen.

Things like former latrine troll Bradley Manning.

“I had always known that I was ‘different.’ I didn’t really understand it all until I got older,” she says. “But there was always this foreboding sense something was ‘wrong.’ I never knew how to talk about it. I just remember feeling terrified about what would happen if someone found out. It was a very lonely feeling.” …

I ran away mentally, especially at night with access to the Internet and the labyrinth of anonymous communications,” she says. “I don’t know how [this struggle] shaped my life and who I am, but it’s absolutely a factor in the decisions that I made before and including when I enlisted in the Army.”

Oh, that explains everything. Bradley/Chelsea wasn’t really there when he committed espionage; his traitorous heteronormative other is responsible.

Well, okay, Bradley/Chelsea, all’s forgiven.

We’re sorry God put you through this.

The taxpayers will fix His mistake as soon as possible and maybe Barack can even arrange a Rose Garden ceremony for your coming out.

Then maybe you can start a whole new life as someone who didn’t betray his country.

We all know that life is cheap to you, so just steal access a new one for yourself.

How about Taylor Swift’s old life? She doesn’t seem to need it anymore.

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HT/Treacher, Cosmopolitan


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    April 9, 2015

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