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Obama Wants to Put a Woman on $20 Bill

margaretsanger10In the nearly seven years since Barack Obama became president he has had about, let’s see… yes, zero ideas that I thought were intelligent and well thought out.

But this one impressed me.

The $20 bill is the only note currently in wide circulation that has a Democrat on its face. (Grover Cleveland was on the $1000). So I might be good with that, unless Barack decides to replace Jackson with a certain old closet lesbian who was married to the philandering letch who gave Eastern Europe to the Russians, thus kicking off the Cold War.

But the problem here is obvious. There have been no women presidents and only a few women who have held a high cabinet office. (Somehow Sacajawea or Susan B. Anthony, or any American who represented only one group or cause, never matched up for me.)

Condoleezza Rice would be the no-brainer; she is a woman and African American who has held high office. But something tells me that Obama would want to go with a progressive, maybe someone like Margaret Sanger. Of course, if Margaret had had her way, Barack wouldn’t have been born, much less president.

Nothing says the picture on the face of our currency has to be a former office holder, but it would seem a little odd to replace the father of the modern Democratic Party (and, incidentally, the only president who sold slaves for a living) with someone of lesser stature.

Secondly, we probably shouldn’t even have a $20 bill anymore since it now cost $22 to purchase what $20 could buy when Barack Obama became president.

One recommendation would be to put the whole idea on hold until Hillary finishes her second term, and instead print a new $22 bill with Barack’s face on it.

It’s a win-win for Democrats. The mainstream media have already anointed Hillary as the 45th president, and Barack is the first African American president (or reasonable facsimile thereof).

Then after Hillary leaves office we can kill two birds with one stone: Commemorating the first woman president and (assuming she has knocked off the phony homonormative roll-play by then), the first lesbian president.

By then we will probably need a $25 bill, though.

HT/Drudge, CBS News [Image]


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3 comments on “Obama Wants to Put a Woman on $20 Bill

  1. Father Paul Lemmen
    April 16, 2015

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Father Paul Lemmen
    April 16, 2015

    $33 dollar bill …

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