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USA Today Makes Dumb Over Gyrocopter ‘Attack’

GyroUSA Today has a different take on the mailman who flew his gyrocopter onto the Capitol lawn on Frida, shutting down the affairs of state and causing wide-scale panicy.

USA Today:

The Boeing 767 that tore through the World Trade Center on 9/11 can weigh roughly 300,000 pounds and fly at about 550 mph. That’s big and fast enough to rip a catastrophic hole in virtually any building.

An approximately 250-pound gyrocopter flying at about 50 mph, carrying a single pilot and maybe five gallons of gasoline – not so much. Most likely, it would bounce off a structure as robust as the U.S. Capitol or the White House. … [read it all]

That bit of deep thinking from the editorial board of one of America’s most prominent newspapers. And they wonder why the Mother Jones is getting all of their advertisers.

USA Today sees only one possible scenario in this incident? And it is one of the least likely for anyone who wished to do serious harm?

Suppose this postal worker had intended to kill a few people instead of deliver a few letters to our nation’s capitol? Postal worker; deliver letters. Get it?

Suppose he had instead strapped himself into a 25 lb. suicide vest and stormed the building after landing. Admittedly it was Friday, and this is Congress we’re talking about, but what if?

Then presumably the Capitol police would have swarmed him, assuming they are not following the Secret Service’s new field Ops manual, and everyone might have died.

What if that had happened?

Or, worse, what if he would have made it inside the building and there had actually been a few people in there who someone would miss.

Just watch the first 10 seconds…


Hello, USA Today? The man opens his wacky video by saying, “No sane person would do what I’m doing”.

Admittedly, in this case, the pilot was not al Qaeda or an Obama voter from Dearborn.

So no harm no foul.

He. Was. Just. A. Postal. Worker.


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