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Baltimore, Democrats are Burning Down Your City

stephanie-rawlings-blake-c7f2860249c0338dToday I intended to leave Baltimore right where it is. Frankly, it’s tired. As a Californian, I lived through the Rodney King riots and even have a vague recollection of the Watts riots in the 1960s.

You’ve seen one riot you’ve seen them all.

But then Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had to go and open her big flap again.

“I never said nor would I ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city, so my words should not be twisted.”

But of course Rawlings-Blake did say exactly that, and most of us are unlikely to give her a pass just because she looks like the original 1960s incarnation of the Supremes.

I was amazed last night at the number of “citizens” on the street who claimed they had been singled out for police brutality. In the course of a few hours on three networks I cannot count the number of interviewees (and hearsay quotes by media) who claimed they had been brutalized by Baltimore cops.

I didn’t believe one of them. But supposing these accusations are true, where did these “racist” cops come from?

For 48 years Baltimore has been under uninterrupted Democrat control; for the last 100 years it has had only three or four brief stints with Republican mayors.

Baltimore’s demographic is 63% black, 28% white, the rest “others”; its police force is 43% black. Seven of its 15-member city council are black. In my cursory search it appeared they are all Democrats.

So who hired these racist cops who are allegedly routinely putting the boot to Baltimore’s African American citizens?

We shouldn’t doubt for a moment that Baltimore has a police problem; anyone who watched the indecisive, slow-to-react policing last night could see it.

And something happened with Freddie Gray that needs explaining and immediate action.

But we should all question just how and why Baltimore’s police problem developed.

Because the old saying — as tired as the flash riots that occur every time a police officer stubs his toe on a black felon — is true.

It starts at the top.


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