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131822142_01_429360cNo, I’m not going to let this go, and I suppose that is because I am provocative son of a b*tch.

But I have another reason for defending Pamela Geller, as well.

Geller is catching almost as much heat from powerful conservative voices as from the speech Nazis who have all but taken over this country.

They are now telling us not only what speech is and is not appropriate, but they are also couching their PC agenda in patriotism, and some on the right are helping them.

Geller’s speech is hate speech, and it is un-American, and if you agree with her, maybe you are un-American, too.

That’s the meme, and it has knees buckling in right wing circles.

But all too many conservatives have forgotten 2009, when many of these same people were saying the Tea Party movement was a racist hate group.

That, too, was a lie spun out by the Left, and, if not outright propagated, at least allowed to twist in the wind by many on the Right.

Remember that as you watch this montage, so aptly summed up this morning by The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher.

See anyone familiar?

Now here is someone else who was deliberately provocative.

Some of our parents and grandparents called Martin Luther King a troublemaker, and worse.

And he was a troublemaker.

He purposely sought out the places where he would gain the most media attention, and said the most inflammatory things he could say to enrage those who wanted to silence him.

Martin Luther King provoked the hell out of the white supremacists.

He provoked the hell out of a whole lot of the controlling Democrat establishment.

And he made almost everyone uncomfortable.

Oh, but King had a much nobler cause?

What is nobler than pointing out that an entire group of people in this country wants us to surrender our freedom of speech to their fanatical racist, homophobic, misogynistic ideology?




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