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Marie Harf: Rumor Control Specialist

marie-harfMarie Harf’s résumé boasts that she began her career at CIA as a spokesperson. You might want to take a moment to think about that. …

Anyway, that top-secret position gave way to her present one, as someone who actually has to speak to the press.

Alex Griswold, TheDC:

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf denied during a State Department briefing denied [sic] that Arab countries “snubbed” the Obama administration by not showing up to a Camp David summit, calling it a “cable news talking point.”

REPORTER: There’s been a lot of talk around town — I’m sure you’re aware– that there has been a snub of the United States, that nobody’s attending, and all this.

HARF: I’ve seen some of that talk.

REPORTER: Do you have any comment on that?

HARF: Well I think nothing could be further from the truth, that there was some, some snub, to use the cable news talking point.

The secretary had really good meetings with King Salman and other senior Saudi leaders in Riyahd, and also had very good meetings with the GCC foreign ministers in Paris. They walked through in detail the Iran negotiations. These were very positive discussions, both about the Iran talks and where we are, but also about the Camp David summit and leading into this which is really designed to enhance our security cooperation, as you know. [more]

In other words, there really isn’t any need for the dumb meeting anyway, unless John Kerry can figure out a way to make himself look even more ridiculous by patronizing Muslim extremists.

This is just so much blather by those naysayers at Fox News.

If you asked Marie Harf what the “Arsenal of Democracy” is, she would probably take a wild guess that it’s a new game app for her Samsung, but her credentials are impeccable.

Oh well, the CIA’s loss is the State Department’s gain.

File Under: Barry’s Kids


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