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Oh Good – Limbaugh’s Off In Boston

rush_limbaugh6Democrats can now take their fingers out of their ears in Boston. WRKO has dropped El Rushbo from its morning lineup.


Controversial conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is being dropped by the Boston-based radio station, WRKO AM. According to RadioInsight, Limbaugh’s three-year agreement with the network is coming to an end, and it appears a renewal agreement has not been reached.

Premiere Radio Networks, Rush Limbaugh’s syndicator, released a statement regarding the contract not being renewed.

“We were unable to reach agreeable terms for The Rush Limbaugh Show to continue on WRKO. A final broadcast date will be announced in the near future. Rush Limbaugh airs daily in every measured media market in America, and we look forward to announcing exciting news for our Boston listeners soon.”

The press will no doubt be mobbing Sandra Fluke, just as soon as they can locate her.

Of course this is not even a high-speed bump for Rush’s mega radio franchise; he will sign another station in Boston within a month, and the station that signs him will see its Arbitron ratings skyrocket.

The fact is, that Limbaugh’s syndication parent, Clear Channel, has been shuffling stations in major and middle markets nationwide for some time, in order to strengthen its position against its chief competitor, Cumulus.

Besides, any dill weed with a MacBook knows that Limbaugh doesn’t need terrestrial radio and hasn’t in more than 10 years, as Glenn Beck has proven.

So use helmet protection, lefties. Rush will be around to make liberals’ heads explode for the foreseeable future.

But look on the upside. You’ll get to tweet and blog despicable things about him for his friends and family to read when he dies.

How great is that.


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8 comments on “Oh Good – Limbaugh’s Off In Boston

  1. thatmrgguy
    May 22, 2015

    Appreciate you buddy!

    Stuck in DC traffic right now. Memorial Day weekend in the nation’s capital. Ain’t life great! I couldn’t be more tickled if I had a feather stuck up my ass.

    • Regular Right Guy
      May 22, 2015

      Mike that post is so damned pertinent! I’ve been though similar experiences several times. Shows what 50 years of race hustling has achieved. Keep it up!

      • theebl
        May 23, 2015

        Well said! Plus Rush has been backing the Pats and Brady so while conservatives are a minority in Boston and Taxachusetts, there are a few left. Of course many of them went into tax exile in New Hampshire.

      • Regular Right Guy
        May 25, 2015

        Mike over at Mr. G Guy has been writing some good posts on his experiences in DC this week. It’s amazing to see how far some of our eastern ‘bastions of liberty’ have slipped since our founding. Thank for the comment EBL.

  2. Father Paul Lemmen
    May 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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