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GOP: Here They Go Again

republican-party-logoIs the GOP just plain nuts?

All right, I withdraw the question. But can they get any nuttier?

Last week Fox News announced it will host the first GOP primary debate of the 2016 season and named moderators, along with Special Report anchor Bret Baier, as Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly.

From the cacophonous drivel routinely honked out by the liberal media, you’d think that Fox is the twenty-first century successor to the American Bund but, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Fox News is the establishment conservative alternative to mainstream media. Once in a while someone like Michelle Malkin may slip by the guards, but they are usually hunted down and contained inside the Sean Hannity special needs zone.

I’ll be the first to admit that, compared with the rest of the e-media, Fox is unapproachable in its fairness, but that distinction hardly makes its coverage unbiased.

Are we to believe any of these anchors will be predisposed to fairness and balance when it comes to candidates like Cruz, Santorum, Fiorina or other conservatives?

Megyn Kelly is an outspoken supporter of gay rights. Wallace? Well, Chris Wallace is a by-God liberal of royal lineage. And right from the jump, Fox is deciding who will be qualified to participate in the debate lineup.

But that is only one reason why I am disappointed with this decision by GOP leadership.

I don’t question any of these journalists’ ethics or desire to be fair, I’m sure they, unlike the mainstream hacks, do intend to be objective.

Except they cannot, anymore than you or I could, given the opportunity to moderate these contests.

Does GOP leadership even remember 2012, not to mention Kelly’s own performance as moderator in one primary debate? Why didn’t Kelly just ask: Senator Santorum, are you still a devout intolerant Roman Catholic homophobe?

Why, after all of the media bias against Republicans over the last 50 years, is the GOP yet again going down this road?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question, and no fair using the nouns Reince or Priebus in your answer.

Why is the Republican Party using any news outlet moderators, to begin with?

If the GOP uses Fox News for the first debate they obviously intend to use the other media outlets for the other debates, right up until the primary election.

Okay, maybe you should use Reince and Priebus, after all.

The GOP leadership obviously feels that using progressive media anchors will be favorable to their establishment dunces – not singling out Jeb Bush or Scott Walker specifically, you understand.

But Republicans will pay in spades later, when Candy Crowley comes floating in like a Macy’s Parade Toys R Us falloon to moderate a critical debate between whoever wins the nomination and Hillary Clinton.

It’s too late for the Republicans to tell Chris Wallace to go throw a soup party and invite the others over to watch this debate from his place, but it is time for the GOP to shift gears.

Republicans should insist that all further debates be moderated by a timekeeper only.


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