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Bobby Jindal is Not Democrat Enough to be Indo American

bobby-jindal-9“Diversity” has long been the love child of the left wing media and the Democratic Party; for years both have alleged ad nauseam that the GOP is decidedly undiverse, intolerant and noninclusive, or worse, racist.

Then, of course, when a Republican minority candidate decides to run for office, he or she is never quite [Fill in the ethnicity or gender] enough.

You know the drill.

Here is a particularly interesting slant on this worn out liberal meme.


Just a day after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced that he will run for U.S. president in 2016, the color of his skin has become the subject of a trending hashtag in India.

It’s called #bobbyjindalissowhite.

Jindal’s meteoric rise in the Republican Party as a conservative of color has won him many supporters in the United States. But here in India, Jindal is seen “as a man who has spent a lifetime distancing himself from his Indian roots.”

“I’m sick and tired of people dividing Americans,” Jindal said on Wednesday. “And I am done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, rich Americans or poor Americans. We are all Americans.”

His remarks fueled a firestorm of jokes on Twitter that he is trying to pass off as white despite his Indian roots. Here’s just a sample:

Blahblahblahblahblah, and so on

A WaPo staff writer out of India generated this article, allegedly from a backlash out of that country against Jindal, as though Americans should actually care what Indian tweeps think about our political process, or those who participate in it.

But here is the boost from two of WaPo’s stateside writers, Annie Gowen and Tyler Bridges.

In which a little menu Hindi qualifies two white liberal hacks to define what it is to be Indo American, anymore than a doctor’s visit qualifies them to perform neurosurgery. But Ben Carson’s another subject, for another day.

But, then again, the MSM can never resist an opportunity to ridicule Republicans, no matter what their background, or preordain an “acceptable” GOP nominee, for that matter.

We don’t know whether Bobby Jindal will be the Republican nominee for president, or not. He seems like a decent man and those of us who haven’t already made up our minds will know more as the process moves forward.

But let’s look at the 2016 Republican field that the Left is so anxious to ridicule for its… well, whatever.

The GOP has two first-generation Cubans and an African American with outstanding life accomplishments; it has several career politicians, one who is so familiar with the White House that he probably had his own bedroom; there’s a multibillionaire, a former pastor-governor-TV host, and a former businesswoman who sort of makes Hillary Clinton look like a pastel fireplug, in comparison.

You can’t get much more diverse that that lineup.

But think of what it would do to Democrats if a Republican of Indo lineage were to be elected president.

Can you even imagine the look on Joe Biden’s face when he learned that anyone could visit the White House without a slight Indian accent? Or Harry Reid’s when he found out that a light-skinned Indian with no dialect could be president, too?

Of course what these people are really saying, is that Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson or Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina are not Democrat enough to be president.

And we will see.


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